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Managing Your Sensitivity: Achieving Peace and Happiness

Everyone is entitled to fully embrace all aspects of their emotions, regardless of someone else's perspective. We can keep each other's feelings in mind, but that should not be the barometer by which we measure our own feelings.

Managing Your Sensitivity: Achieving Peace and Happiness

Managing Your Sensitivity: Achieving Peace and Happiness 

In this article, you will discover how to navigate life and appreciate fully how it is to exist as a highly sensitive being.

As individuals we experience a multitude of emotions daily. At any given time a possible situation could elicit a rise in emotions - positive or negative.

It is human nature to experience a high intensity of emotions at times. There is no textbook that states just exactly how much sensitivity should be felt per experience. In other words if you’ve ever thought that you were too sensitive, there truly is no such thing as the wrong amount of sensitivity.

Everyone is entitled to fully embrace all aspects of their emotions, regardless of someone else's perspective. We can keep each other's feelings in mind, but that should not be the barometer by which we measure our own feelings.
A highly sensitive person, or someone who feels emotions strongly, has complete authority to feel the comprehensive extent of their emotions. In this article we will explore ways that individuals can identify if they are highly sensitive, as well as techniques to help manage the various obstacles that go along with being a highly sensitive person.

When these sensitivities are embraced with proper tools and support, a highly sensitive person can discover that they possess a valuable asset that is more blessing than stumbling block.  
Continue reading below to determine if you resonate with the characteristics of being a highly sensitive person to gain the right tools to aid your current and future spiritual path.

What Is A Highly Sensitive Person? 

A highly sensitive person is an individual that is hyper-aware of the flow of the energy of those around them at magnifying levels.

Highly sensitive people (HSP) have a heightened awareness of all aspects that are happening around them. Their experience of the world around them, as well as, the emotions of theirs and others is amplified. The volume is turned up 20%-25% louder than the average person.. 
There are many advantages to being a highly sensitive person and therefore should not be perceived as a negative attribute.
Highly sensitive people are often told they should learn to be less sensitive. Somehow, being sensitive can be perceived as a negative, when in reality highly sensitive people have many positive qualities.

Empaths and highly sensitive people sometimes become overwhelmed because they are sponging up all emotions of the individuals that surround them. This can create energetic overwhelm.

When situations feel overwhelming, a highly sensitive person can use strategies to delve into these abilities so they can be cultivated, rather than numbed or suppressed.

As a highly sensitive person, you may unknowingly be sponging up the energy around you and soaking up the feelings of the collective world at large, especially if there is global turmoil going on. 
Having the correct tools at your disposal will ensure that your sensitivity transforms into an endearing, applicable skill. Living life as a highly sensitive person is one of the greatest gifts an individual could possess. 

A highly sensitive person feels more than the majority of the population in all aspects, but that also means they experience deeper levels of positive emotions  as well, like love, light, and gratitude. 
Happiness and peace are felt more intensely in a highly sensitive person. For those on a journey of how to be less sensitive soon discover this is a foolhardy goal, as a highly sensitive person has many redeeming qualities such as establishing proper boundaries and techniques to feel inner peace. 
Recognizing how to be less sensitive to harness the positive attributes of your sensitive spiritual abilities will further your ascension journey as a highly sensitive person.
A highly sensitive person is a positive being that can live a fulfilled life if they access the tools to learn how to not be overwhelmed by their sensitivities to achieve holistic peace, passion, and truth.

When empowered in their gifts a highly sensitive person is: 

Highly intuitive
 Open-hearted and compassionate
 A great listener 
 Deeply reflective
 Experience deepened levels of joy, beauty, and pleasure at heightened levels too (not just the overwhelm) 
A highly sensitive person will likely require more time to recharge by themselves to replenish their energy. 

Once awareness and control of sensitivity are gained, the highly sensitive person will begin to acknowledge that and instead of asking how to be less sensitive  they learn how to process their feelings and strengthen their boundaries so that they feel empowered in their gifts.

If you find yourself asking, how can I be less sensitive, it's better to understand these extreme emotions and look for ways to traverse through them positively.

By opening yourself up to learning techniques like spiritual healing, it can bring an abundance of positivity, courage, and truth into your life.

When unbalanced, a highly sensitive person may experience feelings of: 

 Overwhelmed – Anxiety, Worry, Crying, or Feelings of Unhappiness
 Sensory Sensitivity
 Drained Energy

The Impacts of Being A HSP - Acceptance To Empowerment 

Highly sensitive people tend to run into difficulties when they struggle to properly integrate their own emotions. This sometimes affects their ability to recognize the impact of taking in other's energies.

One of the most important factors to consider when beginning your journey is to discern the difference between your energy and the energy of the people around you.
A highly sensitive person can become overwhelmed because there is such an increased range and magnitude of emotions, they have to navigate through to function and make peace. 
This feeling of overwhelm can feel very taxing to the individual. Feelings of numbness and the desire to tune out the world may bubble to the surface because you have not learned to create strong energetic boundaries.

Discerning the difference between your emotions and the emotions of others can help your energy, happiness, and well-being. 
Feelings of reclusion, exhaustion, and not being motivated may occur in your career, hobbies, and even within your family. This can make it difficult for the highly sensitive person to do the normal things they have to accomplish daily. 

Discovering how to be less sensitive lies in realizing that you do not currently have a boundary or awareness line to not absorb the energies of others. Accepting that the feelings other individuals carry do take up a large space in your soul will feel empowering.

After you have this new state of awareness, it is easier to discern and uphold energetic boundaries between your energy and the energy of others. 

Once this energetic boundary is able to be maintained creativity and positive feelings will flourish as you reclaim and embody more of your energy. 

Your desires and capabilities will replenish as you access the tools to transform your sensitivity into an asset that allows you to pour your positive emotions into all aspects of life.

Learning how to be less sensitive is really just relying on immersion, inclusion, and acceptance of your sensitive feelings. 

How To Regulate Your Feelings As A Highly Sensitive Person 

The first step to navigating through life as a highly sensitive person is just being aware of your feelings and sensitivity.

If your previous goal was how to overcome being sensitive, start with recognizing the negative attributes of your sensibilities.. 
Morphing the negative aspects of sensitivity into something positive is the backbone of navigating through life easily and living abundantly as a highly sensitive person.
After recognizing that your high sensitivity exists, it is time to utilize techniques to further your journey and manage the emotions that arise.

Healing your soul and advancing along your spiritual awakening experience is the best way to access tools that will help you control your high sensitivity. 

Meditation is so valuable as it teaches a highly sensitive person to identify their own emotions better. Once you can clearly comprehend what you are feeling, then you are able to distinguish between your emotions and the emotions of others at a greater capacity. 
This helps to take the time to tune into your body, come back to the present, and notice what energy you're storing. As soon as you have that awareness and decipher that the feeling originates outside of you, then you can send it back to the individual. Eventually, it'll just dissolve out your space.
Having spiritual awareness is one aspect of overcoming your struggles and managing your energy as a highly sensitive person. Instead of trying to learn how to be less sensitive, focus on applying that energy to something positive.

A highly sensitive person most likely has a higher calling full of abundance that can be accessed if the proper tools and regulation methods are learned. Setting energetic boundaries will allow them not to feel too overwhelmed. 
Being empathic and a highly sensitive person can be a burden only if you don't have the tools and support to guide you through them. 
It is important to recognize when there is a disconnect. Your nervous system is more sensitive than others when processing emotions. If you feel your emotions are "too much" then you may numb yourself to assuage the pain, which can lead to a disconnect with your body as a highly sensitive person.
As a highly sensitive person, you may face a lot of challenges because of overstimulation and emotional exhaustion.

It is crucial for a highly sensitive person to seek peace along their quest of learning how to be less sensitive. Search for a calming, relaxing space so you can recharge your energy, become more clear, present, and connected with others. 

Harnessing Your Sensitivity Positively 

Embrace yourself - There is no need to fix or drown out your highly sensitive feelings. Lean into your sensitivity and accept the emotions that are produced. Focus on regulating a state of knowing who you are instead of tamping down what comes naturally to you.

Trust yourself 

✔ Be compassionate with yourself: Remember that embracing your gifts does not always come easy. Be kind, trust that you can bring a positive light to others. 

✔ Create healthy energetic boundaries: Learn to say no. Establish boundaries with people. If you need alone time to recharge, away from the clutter of other's messages and feelings, then work on getting comfortable taking that time.

Remember you are solely discovering how to be less sensitive to help yourself navigate through situations where you have to deal with other's energies. 

✔ Focus on the present: Pay attention to what your body is saying and take action based on your needs. Your body will help you master your feelings and process your emotions if you connect with them regularly.

 Learn to accept and make positive choices.

✔ Have an all-encompassing perspective.

Angel Guides to Provide Support for Highly Sensitive People 

Part of the journey in discovering how to be less sensitive utilizes positive methods and techniques to fully identify and control all emotional boundaries overlaps with spiritual expansion. Seeking ways to not feel overwhelmed by your high sensitives do not solely lie in meditation but can be found through accessing your personal spiritual community. 
Spirit guides are your customized set of angels that exist to provide advice and help you navigate through life. They are always around to assist you with problems, no matter how seemingly big or small. 
Angel guides provide support for the highly sensitive in numerous ways. If you are feeling overburdened by a particular matter, feeling, or someone else's energy, call on your guides to help you pinpoint the emotion and either work through it fully or let it go to progress toward your goals. 
Spirit guides aid in the quest of managing how to be less sensitive, which coincides with your spiritual ascension journey.

Once you have a grasp on how to communicate with your guides, receive their messages, and watch out for signs pointing in a particular direction, you will have both furthered your spiritual ascension journey and lightened your feelings.
The primary thing your guides will provide you with is guiding you with a sign toward a higher perspective. Signs can come about in a multitude of ways: messages in the form of thoughts, lyrics, lines from a TV show, or even something simple a friend or family member said. 
Trust that your guides have your best interest at heart and keep an eye out for signs they may be sending to help you manage your sensitivities. Meditation, clearing out all negative thoughts, and consciously being aware of these signs are some of the first steps to receiving them.
Final Thoughts - Claim Peace By Embracing Your Sensitivity 

Being a highly sensitive person is mainly about the journey of exploring techniques and methods on how to be less sensitive and then integrating that into your perspective.

Change your mindset from questioning: "Why am I sensitive?" to "How can I use these sensitivities as a positive attribute?" makes up a lot of the experience. 

Transforming your mind into a truer, higher perspective that views your sensitivity as an asset, rather than a burden is the key to becoming an upgraded version of yourself. 

This new self will be able to easily detect their own emotions and then distinguish them from the feelings of others. This aids in the understanding of life in general once you have a grasp, but more specifically, you will be able to comprehend emotions, behaviors, patterns, and how to help others and yourself clearer. 

Determining how to be less sensitive and then shifting into a positive mindset where you are using your sensitive abilities, rather than tossing them aside or feeling overwhelmed by them, brings a sense of peace. A highly sensitive person can experience fulfillment and joy in life.

Practicing yoga is a great way to gain control of your sensitivities to transform them into a positive tool. Yoga focuses on stretching, clearing the mind, and moving the body in a non-strenuous way to set intentions or bring in more positive thoughts. The child pose is a great beginning yoga pose that brings a lot of mental clarity. 

Actively learning how to clear out the negative emotions of others will provide you with the tools to navigate how to be less sensitive and how to channel your sensitivity effectively. Implement a consistent routine of yoga or meditation to constantly practice shaping your high sensitivity into controllable feelings.

Another primary way to manage your sensitivities and learn how to be less sensitive to tap into your higher perspective and intuition is to access the help of angel guides. Your guides are always willing to help, and they can provide a wealth of great information to further you along in your journey of life and becoming spiritual.

The key component to keep in mind is that discovering how to be less sensitive lies in transforming your perspective to view high sensitivity and feeling your energy, as well as the energies of those around you, as a beautiful gift. 

This gift brings you closer to people, grants you a higher degree of perception, and provides you with a higher sense of intuition on the correct and incorrect choices displayed. 

Written by: Jen Gilchrist 

I'm Jen Gilchrist, Soul Alignment and Success Mentor + Speaker. It is my gift and passion to awaken people to their inherent soul gifts and help them clear soul-level blocks so they can fully show up in all their brilliance.

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