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Transactional Analysis Course

Transactional Analysis Course

The Transactional Analysis Course is packed with information about this therapy method - how it can be used in both day-to-day life and in psychoanalytic practice. Learn what Transactional Analysis is, what its core concepts are and how it is used in behaviour analysis, therapy, and self-help.

With various sources defining Transactional Analysis (TA) differently to each other, the course begins by looking at what Transactional Analysis actually is, when and where it’s used and by whom. You’ll be introduced to the history of the practice and its creator, Eric Berne.

With introductions made, the course continues by explaining the core principles and concepts of Transactional Analysis, such as ego states, transactions, games, scripts and life positions, and how these effect our relationships. With these concepts in mind, you’ll look at how to use Transactional Analysis as a diagnostic tool in a therapy setting and the methods used to work out the underlying issues that may be causing a person’s problems.

Of these concepts, ‘games’ is particularly important, so much so that Eric Berne wrote a book on the matter. The Transactional Analysis Course provides several examples of each game type, to provide clarity on the subject. You may well find yourself recognising many of these being played out in your own life.

You’ll learn how to put these concepts to work - using Transactional Analysis in a clinical setting. You’ll be guided through how to analyse transactions, games, scripts, and relationships and how to use the TA method in therapy, to help people to alter their perspectives and change their lives.

The course looks at different types of patients and their therapeutic goals, and how to use TA in group therapy. It explores the use of Transactional Analysis as a unique approach to marriage therapy and relationship, explaining how it considers the structure of marriage and how to make the individuals in relationships happier and healthier.

Transactional Analysis is an incredible tool to use in therapy but it is just as powerful for self-help. The Transactional Analysis Course looks at how the practice can be used in your own life, to highlight and understand issues and work on your personal development, to overcome them. You’re provided with tips and jump off points to help you do just that.

Real world examples of using the Transactional Analysis method as a form of therapy are provided, with 3 case studies from Eric Berne’s own experiences with clients. These help to concretise the use of the method in your mind and explore the ways it can work to help those in therapy.

In addition to teaching the core principles and methods of Transactional Analysis, the course outlines the additional training you will need to become a Certified Transactional Analyst. You’ll learn about where you can expect to find work and what you should expect to earn, and the considerations you need to make, should you wish to set up as an independent TA therapist.

The Transactional Analysis Course is an excellent introduction to the subject for those who wish to take their first steps towards becoming a Certified Transactional Analyst – giving an in-depth understanding of the subject before making the financial and time commitment necessary to become fully-qualified. It will also benefit psychotherapists and counsellors who wish to improve their understanding of the method and what benefits it could bring to your clients.

As Transactional Analysis is also a self-help method, anyone can use the information in the course in their own lives, for the betterment of their communication and relationship skills and to become happier.

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