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Street-Style Modern Magic Diploma Course

Street-Style Modern Magic Diploma Course

A rare opportunity to learn the techniques of the notoriously secretive art of street-style modern magic. Magic and sleight of hand have remained rare skills for thousands of years. Today, the appearance of street-style magic and a drastic modernisation of the art have led to a surge in popularity and a renewed interest in the search for the closely guarded secrets held by magicians. The Street-Style Modern Magic Diploma Course offers a pathway directly into modern street magic with no secrets off-limits, and every juicy detail shared to have you performing amazing magic in no time at all.

Laying the groundwork to become a magician, you’ll learn the importance of keeping secrets, the different types of magic, and the art of misdirection.

It’s then straight into the practical skills as you learn basic card techniques  – such as how to correctly hold, cut, shuffle, and generally handle playing cards – and card effects, both of which you’ll build upon with advanced skills later in the course so that you can give your audiences some unbelievable performances.

You’ll also learn basic coin techniques involving palming, switching, vanishing and handling coins, before moving on to perform tricks.

Don’t have any cards or coins to hand? The Street-Style Modern Magic Diploma Course guides you through impromptu magic that you can perform with common items and even just your body. You’ll also discover the slightly more supernatural side to street magic, as you learn how to appear to read minds and perform various psychic feats.

Finally, the course outlines how you might transition your street magic from hobby to income source, whether online or performing live in venues.

By studying this course, you will: 

Gain a greater understanding of magic
 Learn card techniques and effects from basic to advanced level
 Learn basic coin techniques and effects
 Discover how to use common items to perform magic
 Uncover the secrets behind mind-reading and mentalism
 Receive guidance on how you could earn an income from performing magic

Whether you’re looking to make your start in street-style magic or are just curious about magic tricks and sleight of hand, this course provides the opportunity to finally satisfy your curiosity. Your chance to learn modern magic tricks and techniques without wading through old or outdated learning materials, the Street-Style Modern Magic Diploma Course explains everything every step of the way – perfect for the absolute beginner.

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