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Religious Studies Diploma Course

Religious Studies Diploma Course

Guiding you through the fundamental underpinnings of the academic study of religion, the Religious Studies Diploma Course covers a wide range of concepts. You’ll study key topics, from views on religious morality and the concept of the afterlife, to the psychological dimensions of faith and the development of post-religious thought in the form of atheism, and much more.

The course begins with an examination of religion and the role it plays in society, before presenting an overview of the six major world religions and their historical development.

We’ll consider the view of each of the major world religions on the subject of death and discuss the relationship between religion and morality. We’ll also look at the concept of eschatology in religion, with a particular focus on the Abrahamic faiths’ view on the subject.

The Religious Studies Diploma Course examines the historical development of the concepts of blasphemy and sacrilege and analyses the scriptural evidence for the question of how blasphemy should be punished. It also provides an overview of the difficult subject of the relationship between religion and conflict.

We’ll delve into a detailed analysis of the significance of human psychology in religion and examine the concept of atheism from both historical and modern perspectives. We’ll also explore the complex phenomenon of division and sub-division in religious belief systems, examining some of the key characteristics that define certain religious sub-groups, sects and cults.

By studying this course, you will: 

Gain a better understanding of religions and their development
 Learn how religions handle big subjects such as morality, mortality, and the afterlife
 Explore the concepts of blasphemy, sacrilege, and atheism
 Discover the significance of human psychology in religion

Designed for those with little to no experience studying religion in an academic context, the Religious Studies Diploma Course is introductory in nature. Using a theoretical approach, the course provides a thought-provoking overview of the elementary concepts that a beginner needs to master before delving deeper into the world of religious studies on your own terms.

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