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Mystery Writing Diploma Course

Mystery Writing Diploma Course

All you need to know to start planning the perfect crime… fiction, that is!

From cosy mystery to hardboiled detective fiction, the mystery genre remains eternally popular. If you’ve been reading whodunnits and now feel like it’s your turn to lay the trail of breadcrumbs, the Mystery Writing Diploma Course will guide you through the process of writing a mystery novel.

Through a mixture of theory and practical exercises, this course explores the genre inside and out and, using a number of writing techniques, you will be able to build your own mystery novel – creating a story, taking your drafts to the next level, editing your work and polishing it; ready for submission or self-publication.

You’ll start by learning about the genres, subgenres and tropes that make a mystery story what it is – and what it is not – helping you to find your own area of focus and preparing you to write your own novel – laying a trail of clues, red herrings and plot twists.

With suspense being at the heart of any mystery, you’ll discover how to build tension and intrigue, how to pace your novel and how to keep your readers guessing all the way to the end. You’ll learn how to create believable characters; from a sleuth your readers will get behind to a villain they’ll be rooting for them to catch.

Planning the perfect crime is a skill, so you’ll learn how to create a crime scene, layer clues and build a trail. Research is key – mystery readers know their stuff – so we’ll look at how to ground your work in reality, using targeted research to ensure your work is believable.

You’ll be taken, step-by-step, through writing the first draft in a 4-act format, before preparing your novel for potential publication.

By studying this course, you will: 

Become familiar with the genres, subgenres, and tropes of mystery writing
 Learn how to lay a trail of clues, red herrings, and plot twists
 Know how to create believable characters and crime scenes
 Follow step-by-step guidance in the four-act structure of mystery novels
 Understand how to ground your stories in reality
 Be able to create and edit a novel – ready for potential publication

Designed to help you to develop your writing and editing skills, this course will guide you in mystery writing as a hobby or a potential career – taking you from introduction to preparing your novel for possible publication.

Packed with theory-based work and creative writing exercises, this is an introductory course for those who are new to writing mysteries but assumes you have read mystery fiction and have some familiarity with the genre. It’ll help you to build your writing and editing skills and work towards creating a piece of mystery writing that will keep your readers guessing all the way to the big reveal.

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