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Mastering Regular Expressions in Java

Mastering Regular Expressions in Java

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Takeaway Skills 

Introduction to Regular Expressions
 Need for Regular Expression
 Applications of Regular Expressions
 Regular Expressions API for Java
 Building Blocks of Regular Expressions
 Characters, Types of Characters, and Whitespaces
 Character Classes, Meta-Characters and Qualifiers
 Character Ranges and Character Repetitions
 Optional Characters and Wildcards
 Patterns, Groups and Matchers
 Using Regular Expression APIs from java.util.regex Package
 Creating Regular Expression Patterns and Flags

Course Overview 

Regular expressions describe a pattern of characters used for searching a string. They are very useful for parsing information like dates, phone numbers, or zip codes from important text files such as code files, log files, spreadsheets, or documents.

Below are the most common use cases of regular expressions: 

 Data validation of data fields or values like phone numbers, zip codes, email addresses, etc.
 Information extraction from text files for further processing
 Pattern matching of strings or textual information
 Search and replace operation on texts

This course will teach you how to perform pattern matching with a regular expression using a Java API for these practical use cases.

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