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Ethology Diploma Course

Ethology Diploma Course

Why do animals behave in the ways they do? How do their behaviours aid their survival? How and why do their behaviours develop and adapt?

This course explores ethology – the scientific study of the behaviours of animals, either in their natural environment or in captivity. We’ll learn how animals relate to their environment, particularly in areas such as socialisation, mating, aggressiveness, the evolution of their behaviour over time, and whether an animal's behaviour is due to an internal factor, such as genetics, as a response to its interaction with the environment or both.

Offering a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of ethology, this course explores the reasons we study animal behaviour, the main role of an ethologist, and the history and development of the field.

The course considers the causes of behaviour as a result of genetics, environment, and natural selection. We’ll look at altruism, cooperation, and communication within social animals, and the advantages these behaviours provide to species and their populations.

You’ll discover the differences in the sexual reproduction of different species and how attractiveness, dominance, and repellence vary among them. We’ll also consider the concept and categories of learning and how this process can contribute to the social and reproductive success of individuals. 

Finally, the Ethology Diploma Course looks at how humans have affected the conservation status of animals and how ethology can be applied in these cases – considering the main roles and contributions of modern ethology.

By studying this course, you will: 

Understand what ethology is
 Become familiar with animal behaviours
 Learn the reasons why animals behave in certain ways
 Become familiar with the main applications and impacts of ethology

Anyone with an interest in the animal kingdom and the natural world will enjoy the Ethology Diploma Course. You’ll learn the whys and hows of animal behaviours – bringing you closer to those with whom we share the planet.

If you work with animals or intend to study animals at a higher level, this course will help you to better understand them and give you a good, foundational level of knowledge from which to build upon.

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