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Empathy Awareness Diploma Course

Empathy Awareness Diploma Course

Due to their heightened and powerful sensitivity, the gift that empaths have for feeling others’ pain as acutely as their own can be a heavy burden but with the right knowledge, it can be an extraordinary power.

By combining knowledge, study, and practical techniques, an empath can learn how to alchemise their sensitivity into power, strength, and success. With the right techniques and approaches, you can learn to use your ultra-fine perceptions and emotional connections to create a better life for yourself and others. This course will give you an excellent understanding of the strategies that can help an empath to thrive.

The course begins by considering what an empath is, the various types, the signs that can indicate that someone is an empath, and the traits of an empath, including their abilities, skills, and gifts.

We’ll study some of the challenges empaths face and how to learn from them so that they may be alchemised into strengths. The course also provides techniques to navigate life as an empath, as we consider boundary setting and how to utilise your gifts.

We’ll look at why empaths often find themselves in relationships with narcissists and how to break free of an empath-narcissist relationship. We’ll explore why conflict resolution can be hard for empaths and what to do to feel safe when presented with such situations.

You’ll learn how to detect, clear, and shield yourself against negative energy and nurture your emotional and physical health. The course also explores intuitive and emotional intelligence and how to strengthen these abilities.

Finally, we’ll look at how to thrive as an empath, use your gifts to help the planet to heal, and understand the true vocation of empaths.

By studying this course, you will: 

Gain a greater understanding of empaths
 Learn how to protect and care for yourself
 Explore the abilities of empaths and how to enhance these
 Discover how to use your gifts to thrive

If you are an empath, this course will help you to heal from internalised wounds, and protect and care for yourself. You’ll learn how to manage your boundaries, fine-tune your sensitivities, alchemise emotions, ground yourself, and attune your heart to true balance and healing, so that you may align with your vocation and manifest your purpose in the world.

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