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Eczema Awareness Diploma Course

Eczema Awareness Diploma Course

There is currently no cure for eczema, but we can learn about its triggers, we can understand and manage the condition, and we can treat and alleviate its effects. The Eczema Awareness Diploma Course is your guide to improving the lives of those suffering with eczema.

What is eczema? We open the course by detailing what eczema is, the skin condition we are typically referring to when we talk about eczema, as well as what is happening to our skin when we are affected by eczema. You’ll also learn about several different types of eczema and their general causes, with regards to genetics, environment and allergies.

The Eczema Awareness Diploma Course offers you vital information on how to manage the condition in infants and children. You’ll learn to recognise eczema at different stages of infancy and childhood, its common triggers and how to help children deal with itching. We look at the various treatments available in the treatment of eczema and when it is necessary to consider them. You’ll learn how emollients, topical steroids, antihistamines, wet wrap therapy, phototherapy, and vitamins can help.

Just as important as knowing how to treat eczema, is understanding how to care for eczematous skin is just as important as knowing how to treat eczema. We talk you through basic recommendations of how to do so – highlighting natural substances that are known to help manage or prevent eczema flare-ups. We include a rundown of some of the most effective essential oils, and how to use them and show you how to use natural ingredients to make a variety of quick and easy eczema-easing homemade remedies.

In the Eczema Awareness Diploma Course, we offer guidance on what to incorporate in your diet to help in the fight against eczema. This includes foods that are specifically beneficial in reducing inflammation, promoting good gut health, and maintaining skin pH balance. You will be given a rich assortment of skin-friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Another approach to managing eczema is through the use of complementary therapies. We walk you through the benefits of herbal medicines, homeopathy, meditation, breath therapy, self-hypnosis, and therapeutic massage, as well as the more popular practices for skin disorders within traditional Chinese medicine.

By the end of this course, you will: 

Have a definition of eczema
 Know how it affects the skin
 Be aware of the symptoms
 Understand all the triggers of eczema
 Be better able to manage eczema in infants and children
 Know how to effectively manage eczema at home
 Be mindful of the effect eczema can have on quality of life
 Be more confident in knowing what to eat for your condition
 Have several easy, eczema-friendly recipes to use
 Have a greater understanding of the various complementary therapies you can access to help in managing the ailment

The Eczema Awareness Diploma Course is aimed at eczema sufferers and parents and caregivers of those with the condition. The purpose is to fully inform you about the condition and the practical ways in which it can be managed and alleviated through conventional medicine, natural remedies, complementary therapies, and diet.

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