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Creative Writing for Kids Course

Creative Writing for Kids Course

What is your child’s favourite story? Maybe it’s a swashbuckling pirate adventure or a romantic princess story. Perhaps they like stories about aliens, clever detectives, or magic and mystery. Maybe they only like stories that are true or from a time long ago. We all have our favourite stories. But maybe they’d like to have a go at writing their own?

If they do, you’ve come to the right place. With a mind bursting with stories just waiting to be told, this course will teach them how to get them out into the world.

Notebook and pen (or a computer if they prefer) at the ready, the Creative Writing for Kids Course will help your child on their way to becoming an author or poet. Jam-packed with tools and techniques, this course will help your child gain the skills and confidence needed to become a storyteller.

Getting them writing quickly and consistently, the course includes lots of warm-ups and practise exercises, and will have them writing lots of different stories and poems as they go on adventures with their characters. They can choose to write a new story each time, using the prompts and exercises to practise new skills or use the exercises to work towards a longer story if they feel more confident.

They’ll learn the lingo, practise their prose, and snag all the skills they need to be a wonderful writer. At the end of each module, assessments will make sure they know their stanzas from their similes. And by the end of the course, they will have built an impressive portfolio of writing and storytelling skills.

By studying this course, your child will: 

Learn about storytelling and traditional tales
 Explore how to construct stories, the elements of a story and the role illustration can play
 Discover writing tools, styles, and how to write dialogue
 Get writing, as they follow lots of warm-ups and practise exercises
 Learn about poetry, including the forms, styles, and language techniques used
 Take fun quiz assessments
 Receive a certificate upon completion

The Creative Writing for Kids Course is perfect for children aged six and over who are interested in storytelling, poetry and writing – encouraging their creativity whilst discovering the tools and skills they need to be able to write just about anything. Following this fun and structured learning program, they’ll journey into the world of creative writing – exploring poetry and prose, and learning how to craft interesting, exciting stories.

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