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Automate Your Network

Automate Your Network

I am so very happy to announce after 8 months of development Automate Your Network is now available on educative.io as an online course (early access).

Key Skills 

Learn the significance of network automation
 Learn about Network Development Lifecycle (NDLC)
 Learn how to automate your network with Ansible from the command line and through playbooks
 Learn how to create and update a repository of network configuration
 Learn how to use Jinja templates for displaying and storing network configuration
 Learn how to use a recommended CI/CD workflow for network automation

Course Overview 

Network automation begins with automating network reconnaissance. This is accomplished by gathering important information from network devices while building a library of dynamic on-demand utilities and generating living documentation. Starting small, the course exhibits the simplicity and elegance of network automation.

Next, you will learn how to automate larger changes that require a high number of repetitive steps. These changes will be executed serially in a specific orchestrated order, making them perfect for an automated solution. After gaining comfort with the new tools, you can fully transform network configuration management to an automated, intent-based, self-documenting system.

The final step is learning how to migrate to a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, thereby fully automating the network.

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