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Asthma Awareness Diploma Course

Asthma Awareness Diploma Course

Learn about asthma – its causes, triggers and prevention strategies, and what to do during an asthma attack, whether you are the sufferer or a bystander. Discover how to use this knowledge to raise awareness and be able to answer common questions about the condition.

We’ll look at the environmental and genetic causes of asthma, the four different severity levels and their corresponding symptoms, and the six main types of asthma, including their triggers and common causes.

The course outlines the mechanics of an asthma attack and what you can do to prevent and/or alleviate their effects. We’ll also explore different types of asthma therapies, natural treatments, and day-to-day management strategies for living with asthma.

The course also explains how we can raise awareness and understanding of asthma, including a look at some common asthma-related questions and their corresponding answers.

By studying this course, you will: 

Learn about the types, causes, and triggers of asthma
 Know how to prevent and alleviate the effects of an asthma attack
 Discover asthma therapies, natural treatments, and management strategies
 Understand how to raise awareness of asthma

If you have asthma, are close to someone with the condition or wish to understand and raise awareness of the condition, you will benefit from this course. You’ll gain a better understanding of the mechanics of asthma from both a biological and educational aspect, how it can be managed, and how to increase awareness.

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