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Welsh for Beginners Diploma Course

Welsh for Beginners Diploma Course

Welsh is one of the oldest continuously used languages in Europe and has been spoken in the British Isles for thousands of years, predating English by several centuries. It is a language famed for its poeticism and idiomatic expression, and the Welsh for Beginners Diploma Course has been specifically designed to allow you to access and appreciate all the nuances and mystery of this ancient Celtic tongue.

Throughout 10 modules, this course provides a beginner’s overview of the fundamentals of the Welsh language, combining practical vocabulary with grammatical explanations to ensure you are able to start actively using the language from the very first module.

With each module accompanied by a downloadable audio version and concluding in a multiple-choice assessment, the Welsh for Beginners Diploma Course will ensure you develop accurate comprehension and pronunciation.

By studying this course, you will learn how to fulfil basic tasks in Welsh, such as telling the time, ordering food in a restaurant and counting. You’ll be able to describe yourself and others in terms of appearance and personality, as well as talk about what you enjoy doing for a hobby and where you work. You’ll learn how to talk about your holiday plans and past travel experiences, as well as describe the environment around you.

You’ll also gain a firm understanding of some of the grammatical nuances of the Welsh language – most notably, the soft mutation.

This course: 

 Includes a downloadable audio version of each module (10 in total)
 Provides simple explanations, useful examples and effective activities
 Ensures understanding with assessment questions
 Helps you learn to read and write Welsh
Aids you in becoming capable of having basic conversations in Welsh

The Welsh for Beginners Diploma Course is for anyone who is starting their Welsh language journey or wishing to strengthen the foundations of their current knowledge.

It gives you the tools you need to hold your first conversations with Welsh speakers and provides a firm understanding of the grammatical nuances of this ancient Celtic language, allowing you to express yourself freely and with confidence.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be ready to continue to expand your knowledge by studying an intermediate-level course and finding examples of modern, real-life Welsh to read and listen to.

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