Spellcasting Diploma Course
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Spellcasting Diploma Course

Spellcasting Diploma Course

Draw upon the best practices, tools, rules and techniques from various esoteric and magical traditions to invoke spells with the potency, power, and universal energy to enact powerful changes in your life. Take the Spellcasting Diploma Course and embrace the magical art of spellcasting.

Through your study of this enchanting course, you’ll delve deeply into the spellcaster’s magical toolbox. You’ll learn how to gain the assistance of the Sacred Directions, ally with Nature Entities, Elementals, and Animal Spirits, work with metals and invoke the Lightbody to activate your spells with higher dimensional energy.

You'll learn about the fundamental role of the breath, the higher mind, and the heart, and how to imbue your spells with energetic powers.

You’ll study sigil, word, quantum breath, and angelic spells, as well as advanced spellcasting tools, including how to make an amulet infused with your magical intent. You’ll learn how to use the 7 Laws of Magic to unlock your full spellcasting and life potential, and how to align with your soul purpose and deepest harmony.

By studying this course, you will learn: 

✔ Be introduced to a brief history of spellwork
✔ Learn about the seven sacred directions
✔ Examine sigil, elemental and nature spells
✔ Explore advanced spellcasting tools
✔ Discover how to make changes in the matrix with spellcasting
✔ Learn spiritual spells to defend against negative energies
✔ Create love, sex, and marriage spells
✔ Become familiar with the use of healing spells
✔ Practice spells of prosperity
Learn how to use spells to align with your soul’s purpose

If you’re interested in the possibility of using spells to align with your spiritual purpose and change your life, and to attract love, wealth, health, and harmony, the Spellcasting Diploma Course is for you.

You can take the course regardless of your background or tradition, whether you have magical or spellcasting experience or not, and whether you are a magician, witch, spiritual practitioner or lightworker, or not.

Anyone with an interest in magic, mystery, and spiritual creation, connecting with life and universal energies, and is willing to apply intent and do the spiritual work to make changes in their lives using spells, will benefit from this course.

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