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Past Life Healing Diploma Course

Past Life Healing Diploma Course

While many of the problems we take to our therapists can be traced back to our childhood, some go much deeper than that. For those who have a deep sense of grief or despair or inexplicable phobias, a past life issue may be at play. The Past Life Healing Course guides you through the journey of our lives, past and present, the rules that guide our souls, and how to clear ourselves of the issues of this life by addressing those of the past.

The course begins by exploring past lives, how actions from a past life may be affecting you in this life, and introduces you to past life regression as a tool for healing. You’ll explore cell memory theory, which is based on the idea that what happens in your life, or a past life, is recorded via your cells, and you’ll read about the scientific data of Dr Ian Stevenson, who has studied reincarnation for 40 years.

As the course delves further into the subject of past lives, you’ll learn about karma, karmic themes and the seven levels of karmic debt, karmic threads, how to keep your karma fresh, and the 12 laws of karma.

According to American author and psychic medium, Sylvia Browne, everyone chooses a "Life Theme" before incarnating, which acts as a template that guides your life. You’ll learn about the concept of Life Themes, how to discover yours, and explore 44 life themes and how each could affect your life.

The Past Life Healing Course looks at specific issues you may currently be facing and how these may be related to an issue from a past life. The course looks at issues of health, relationships, finances, career and success, self-esteem, emotions, and fears and phobias. You’ll learn of ways to help overcome these issues, including techniques for releasing past life trauma and working with age regression.

As your understanding of past lives and their effects on the present grows, the course explains several ways of clearing past lives, to set you free of any and all past life energies and allow you to make changes in your present life. The techniques covered are: hypnotherapy, invoking divine help through prayer and meditation, womb regression, crystal healing, and massage.

The course walks you through using meditation to discover past lives, a form of channelling known as "Automatic Writing", and a past life healing ritual. From here you will be guided through several past life regression techniques for you to use with clients.

The Past Life Healing Course offers guidance to those who wish to create their own past life healing practice. You’ll find information on the questions you should ask clients and the actions they should take before a session takes place, as well as the forms you will need to use when taking clients on. You will also be guided through three full past life hypnotherapy sessions and the benefits clients will gain from keeping a journal.

The Past Life Healing Course takes you through the journey of our lives and the place between lives, reincarnation, the concept of karma, and how to access past lives. You’ll learn how to relate issues of a current life to that of a past life and the steps needed to resolve the issues.

With comprehensive materials, the course can be taken by absolute beginners and those who have some knowledge but want a complete understanding. With practical instruction on healing past lives and a module on developing your own practice, this course is perfect for anyone who is looking to help others who have not found answers through conventional therapies.

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