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NLP Foundation Skills Diploma Course

NLP Foundation Skills Diploma Course

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of how we think and communicate, with ourselves and with others, and of how we can use this to get the results we want from life. It looks at successful behaviours and shows us how we can model these in our own lives to reach our goals.

The NLP Foundation Skills Diploma Course takes you from complete beginner to understanding the subject and being able to use this powerful tool every day either for yourself or to aid clients. Crammed full of explanations of techniques and exercises to try out for yourself, your life is set to change dramatically, very quickly.

Through the course, you’ll be introduced to the NLP way of thinking. You’ll explore the NLP map of perception, which explains our internal filters and the implications they can have on our perceptions, the 5 principles to achieving success, and the 12 presuppositions of NLP that you must follow for it to work for you. You’ll also learn how to move from your present states to your desired states (goals), overcome issues and change behaviours, using the NLP ‘frames’ and ‘reframing’ and ‘timeline’ techniques to address the way you look at problems and reorganise your thinking to focus on goal attainment.

Sensory Acuity is an important part of NLP, as it aids us greatly in our ability to communicate effectively. Summed up by the acronym V.I.B.E.S (Voice, Inclination, Breathing, Eyes, Skin), you will learn how to more closely recognise communicational clues. Complementing this study, you will also learn how to actively establish rapport to help you to achieve a desired and mutually-beneficial outcome with another person. You’ll learn how to recognise paralanguage and create synchrony with someone else to build rapport quickly and clear the channels of communication.

There are 5 sensory channels we use to represent our experiences - visual, auditory (hearing), kinesthetic (emotions, touch and bodily sensations), taste and smell, along with how we make sense of our experience in words. The NLP Foundation Skills Diploma Course explains how to recognise these predicates, and therefore understand the ‘primary representational system’ a person uses, and mirror this in your language, to develop rapport. You will also learn how to observe eye movements to learn the ‘lead representational system’ a person uses and the pertinence of this.

The course takes you further into representational systems (also known as modalities) by considering submodalities, which explain the qualities of each sensory modality. Through understanding submodalities, you can help to shift goals from the ‘present state’ into a ‘desired state’.

Goal-setting is a powerful way of targeting your ambitions. The NLP Foundation Skills Diploma Course takes you through using "S.Y.D.E.R" to go beyond just setting goals but really considering them from every angle and even what happens once they are achieved them.

You will learn how you to recognise (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, taste or smell) anchors to previous positive or negative states and link these to the present and future, to alter behaviours and reach specific goals, such as being more confident, determined or relaxed.

In addition to the fundamentals covered in the NLP Foundation Skills Diploma Course, you will also be provided with a hypnotherapy script that helps with stress management.

The NLP Foundation Skills Diploma Course is an excellent starting point if you are interested in either pursuing a career in this field, would like to use NLP techniques in your own life or of course, to do both. If you want a way to ease into the subject whilst gaining practical, usable skills and a solid knowledge base, then this is the course for you.

Upon completion of this course, you can also continue to study NLP with us, with our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses.

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