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NLP for Children Diploma Course

NLP for Children Diploma Course

The NLP for Children Diploma Course aims to introduce you to all the different ways in which you can use neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with children. As a parent, carer or teacher, you will be able to gain the trust of children or students and, from there, you can positively influence their thinking, language patterns, and behaviours. Sometimes a child exhibits a behaviour that is completely out of the blue or that isn’t very resourceful. With NLP, you’ll be able to understand the origin of all the things a child does or says.

The NLP for Children Diploma Course takes you through the basics – what NLP is, what its benefits are, and how and why it can help children.

You’ll learn about the types of representational systems, why they are important, and how understanding a child's preferred representational system can help you to communicate better with them.

We’ll look at how using the Meta Model and the techniques of anchoring and reframing can aid you in helping children to overcome limiting beliefs and anxiety, increase their confidence, and encourage them to have resourceful and positive states of mind.

The course explains NLP techniques that will help to boost a child's confidence, help them overcome fears, anxiety and depression, equip them with mechanisms to deal with their emotions and behaviours, and improve their focus.

By studying this course, you will learn: 

✔ Understand the purpose and benefits of NLP
✔ Learn key NLP concepts, such as Representational Systems, Meta Model, and Anchoring and Reframing
✔ Discover techniques to help boost confidence, remove limiting beliefs, overcome anxiety and depression, manage anger, and improve focus and learning skills
Understand how to put NLP techniques into practice

The NLP for Children Diploma Course will introduce you to the benefits of using NLP with children and how to apply them using a variety of techniques.

If you are a parent, apply these tools with your children, and they will thank you later for shaping them into amazing human beings.

If you are a teacher, take these techniques to the classroom. If you find a fellow teacher stuck with some challenging behaviours in their class, you can provide insight with what you have discovered here.

Please note, that if you wish to become an NLP Practitioner, you will not be able to do so by studying this course alone. However, our NLP Foundation Skills, NLP Practitioner, and NLP Master Practitioner courses will help you towards your goal.

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