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Magnet Therapy Diploma Course

Magnet Therapy Diploma Course

The Magnet Therapy Diploma Course will teach you everything you need to know about magnet therapy. You’ll learn what it is, how to become a magnet therapy practitioner, the scientific basis of the practice, its history and touch on some of its associated holistic practices.

The course begins by introducing you to the subject. You’ll be taken through the basics of magnet therapy, how it is used to improve health and treat illness, its background, and some of the pioneers in the field and their contributions to the therapy.

From this foundation, you’ll delve deeper – exploring the science behind magnet therapy, from ancient discoveries to research and development by NASA. You’ll learn how magnet therapy works, the ailments it is used to combat, and the types of magnets used in its practice.

The human body has a powerful energy field; an extremely sensitive reflection of our physical, emotional and spiritual conditions. Through studying the Magnet Therapy Diploma Course, you will become familiar with the human body energy map, gain an understanding of the link between the energy field and health problems, and become aware of the meridians in our bodies and their relationship to our health.

The course takes a broader look at health, as it raises awareness of the toxins our bodies absorb every day and the importance of detoxifying the body and the various ways you can go about doing this. You’ll learn about the seven glands of the endocrine system and how each of these are affected by your chakras, and the importance of maintaining a healthy lymphatic system.

Taking you through the practical side of magnet therapy, you’ll learn what happens when a magnet is placed on the skin and how magnets should be used for various diseases and conditions. You’ll become aware of the difference between magnetic north and geographic or true north and understand which pole you should be using, depending on the ailment being treated. You’ll also be guided through how to start a consultation with someone who is seeking magnet therapy. This includes a patient questionnaire that you can have them fill in, common questions you may be asked (and may have yourself), and the various magnetic products that can be worn to encourage self-healing.

A perfect complement to magnet therapy is emotional freedom technique (EFT). Through studying the Magnet Therapy Diploma Course, you’ll explore how EFT works and why it is often used alongside magnet therapy. You’ll also learn what muscle testing is and how to use it on yourself. A three-week magnet healing plan is also provided for you to follow.

The course provides focus on the use of magnet therapy for pain relief - presenting research, explaining how to use magnets for specific pains and how magnets promote the body’s ability to heal itself. You’ll also learn magnet therapy’s contraindications.

To encapsulate a broader view of good health and wellness, the course looks at nutrition. You’ll become aware of the basics of good nutrition, understand the power of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and learn what foodstuffs to consume to promote healthy, vibrant skin.

Welcoming seasoned holistic therapy practitioners and complete beginners alike, this course provides you with the knowledge required to become a successful magnet therapy practitioner and to use magnet therapy for your own health.
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