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Latin for Beginners Diploma Course

Latin for Beginners Diploma Course

For thousands of years, Latin has been the language of the Roman people, of science, of history and of culture. The Latin for Beginners Diploma Course will guide your learning of this fascinating and beautiful language.

With each module accompanied by a downloadable audio version and concluding in a multiple-choice assessment designed to test your memory of grammar rules and principles, as well as vocabulary and expressions, the Latin for Beginners Diploma Course will ensure you develop accurate comprehension and pronunciation.

The Latin for Beginners Diploma Course provides you with some specific vocabulary about family members, pets, types of buildings, days of the week, months of the year and numbers, as well as other words and phrases that become useful when building sentences. It will also teach you four of the main tenses (the present, the imperfect, the future and the perfect) as well as noun cases and adjectival agreement.
By the end of this course, you will be able to understand simple Latin sentences that you see or hear, produce simple spoken and written Latin sentences and be able to identify some unfamiliar words using your knowledge of grammar.
This course: 

 Includes a downloadable audio version of each module (13 in total)
 Provides simple explanations, useful examples and effective activities
 Ensures understanding with assessment questions
 Helps you learn to read and write in Latin
Aids you in becoming capable of producing simple spoken sentences in Latin

The course assumes no knowledge of Latin or linguistics and will take you through everything you need to begin exploring this wonderful language. 

So, whether you have never studied Latin before, are picking up the language again and wish to recap the basics or have some knowledge and want to solidify your understanding of the foundations, the Latin for Beginners Diploma Course will be of benefit to you.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be ready to expand your knowledge further by studying an intermediate-level course or tackling authentic Latin texts, such as the Vulgate or the works of Julius Caesar and Cicero.

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