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Iridology Diploma Course

Iridology Diploma Course

What is iridology? Why is it used? How do you practice and treat patients with iridology? How can I set up an iridology business? All these questions and more are answered by the Iridology Diploma Course.

Possibly not as well-known as some alternative sciences, though certainly just as interesting, iridology (also known as iridodiagnosis or iridiagnosis) involves the detailed study of the iris to diagnose past, existing, and even future, health problems of a patient’s body. With this information, patients can take pre-emptive measures to counter and control symptoms.

This online Iridology Course begins by guiding you through the definition, purpose, and history of iridology. From this early stage in the course, you will discover how changes in the physiology of the iris can be indicative of changes taking place in other parts of the body.

As iridology involves studying the eye, it is important to have a good anatomical knowledge of the organ. The course describes the structure of the eye and how, through the hypothalamus, it is connected to other parts of the body. As you learn iridology, you'll understand how to read the signs of the iris and what these can mean for a patient.

Armed with the knowledge of what to look for, you will be guided in how to practice iridology and the equipment needed to do so. This covers the whole client journey: diagnosis, patient care, and follow-up sessions.

Once a patient has been diagnosed, they may need to be prescribed medication. The Iridology Diploma Course discusses what to prescribe and the contraindications and possible side-effects that need to be considered. You’ll learn how to monitor a patient’s progress and change doses to fit the individual throughout their treatment. The course also covers what to do should a patient be unresponsive to treatment and how to properly hand over to medical professionals, should a more severe health problem be discovered.

From the Iridology Diploma Course, you’ll learn how to set up your own practice. The pros and cons of setting up at home or in an external workplace are discussed, along with the equipment and furniture you will require. You’ll also learn how to manage the administration of the business: appointments, workload, bookkeeping, and organising your time.

The course concludes with suggestions on the next steps to take on your journey to becoming an iridology practitioner and tips and advice from expert practitioners who, having been where you are, share useful knowledge and provide inspiration.

The Iridology Diploma Course is primarily aimed at those who wish to set up their own iridology practice, but anyone with an interest in alternative sciences and treatments will enjoy this course. Likewise, anyone who is planning to visit an iridology practitioner and would like to more fully understand what is involved will gain a lot from this course.
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