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Introduction to the Elizabethan Era Diploma Course

Introduction to the Elizabethan Era Diploma Course

Elizabeth I is often cited as England's greatest monarch. Born to a mother believed to be a witch and executed as an adulterer, Elizabeth rose to be a queen who would give her name to a golden age of artists, adventurers and statesmen, and laid the foundation for the extraordinary empire that England would become.

The Introduction to the Elizabethan Era Diploma Course sets out to explore not just the many accomplishments of the age, but also the daily life and ongoing hardships of the Elizabethan era. At the same time, it reflects on the life of the queen herself and all that she accomplished but also that which she sacrificed and lost.

The course begins with the early life of Elizabeth I. You’ll learn about her parents, the siblings who became monarchs before her, and the influence they all had on her directly or indirectly as queen-in-waiting.

We’ll consider the differences between Elizabeth’s religious policy and that of her sister and brother before her, what the Religious Settlement was, and learn about some of the major Catholic plots against Elizabeth I. You’ll discover Elizabethan beliefs around witchcraft and the supernatural and some of the more shocking witch trials that took place during this era.

We’ll explore the development of the city, how people of different classes in this new and changing England lived, and the developments that occurred in poverty laws, education and dress codes.

You’ll discover how the Elizabethan Court was central to English advances in science and technology and learn about some of the great discoveries, inventions, and important scientists of the age.

The Elizabethan era was a time of great exploration. We’ll journey together through England’s attempts to expand its footprint across the globe and catch up to the achievements of England’s European counterparts—Spain and Portugal. We’ll also learn about the trade wars between Europe’s most powerful countries and how England defeated the Spanish Armada.

You will become familiar with the artistic developments of the Elizabethan era as we look at the theatre and major artists of the day. We’ll also look at the sports, activities and holidays that Elizabethans engaged in during their free time.

The course concludes with a look at the difficulties England and the monarch herself faced during the last years of Elizabeth’s reign.

By studying this course, you will: 

Learn about the life of Queen Elizabeth I
 Understand the religious landscape of the country
 Know how people lived and the different sports and pastimes enjoyed by both the rich and poor
 Be familiar with some of the superstitions and beliefs relating to magic and witchcraft
 Discover the scientific and technological developments of the day
 Learn about Elizabethan exploration, England’s development as a trading power, and how England came to defeat the Spanish Armada
 Be aware of the cultural developments and artists of Elizabethan England

The Introduction to the Elizabethan Era Diploma Course aims to introduce you to both sides of the "Elizabethan story", familiarising you with the misery as well as the glory that gained ground during this period. It’ll shed light on the woman herself, the monarch who reinvented England just as she had to reinvent herself – taking the throne of a country mired in religious conflict and still considered a medieval backwater by many in Europe—and from this, she created the foundations of a country that became a world superpower.
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