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Introduction to Robotics Diploma Course

Introduction to Robotics Diploma Course

Robots are no longer science fiction, they’re here and they’re becoming more and more advanced. Get to know our new colleagues, companions, and co-inhabitants with an exploration that goes beyond the metal. The Introduction to Robotics Diploma Course takes an in-depth look into this multidisciplinary field of expertise – exploring each of the fundamental aspects of robotics: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science.

The course opens with an introduction to the subject and an explanation of the various classifications of robots. It is then split up into the three aforementioned fields of expertise.

First, we’ll explore mechanical engineering for robotics, as we examine kinematics, dynamics, and trajectory planning, including the following subtopics: position and orientation from a geometrical point of view, direct kinematics, inverse kinematics, differential kinematics and inverse differential kinematics.

Next, we’ll explore the field of electrical engineering. Here we’ll learn about the state-of-the-art actuators and sensors used in robotics, the systems they are used in, and how these parts are integrated into these systems.

The final part of the course looks at computer science and, more specifically, search methods. We’ll examine how search algorithms map a robot’s environment and how they provide the shortest path between two points.

By studying this course, you will learn: 

Explore the multidisciplinary field of robotics
✔ Understand the role of mechanical engineering in robotics
✔ Learn how actuators and sensors are integrated into robotic systems
✔ Be aware of how search algorithms help robots navigate environments

If you are interested in robotics, as a hobbyist or to go into professionally, this course will give you a taster of what’s involved and an insight into the three fields of expertise that are essential to the subject.

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