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Introduction to Morse Code Diploma Course

Introduction to Morse Code Diploma Course

Introducing you to Morse code, you’ll learn the Morse code alphabet, numbers, punctuation and several of the most commonly-used abbreviations and codes signs. You’ll also gain an insight into the world of radiotelegraphy – the community in which Morse code is most widely used today.

The course begins with an introduction to the origins of Morse code, its historical importance and its importance today.

You’ll build up your knowledge incrementally – first, learning the letters that are comprised solely of dots and solely of dashes (both of which are explained with mnemonics to aid retention). From there, you’ll learn letters comprised of a single dash and dots, several dots and dashes, and rounding off with a final few letters to complete the entire Morse alphabet. You’ll also learn the most commonly used abbreviations in radiotelegraphy.

You’ll learn the numbers in Morse code, as well as Q-codes – specific codes that replace whole sentences and questions. You’ll discover how to put together and decipher QSOs and use punctuation and prosigns.

Finally, you’ll follow examples of how everyday speech is converted into Morse code – learning how the meaning of entire questions and responses can be put across in just a few letters of Morse code via Q-codes.

By studying this course, you will: 

Learn the Morse alphabet
 Become familiar with commonplace abbreviations
 Know how to use punctuation and prosigns
 Be able to recognise and use numbers in Morse code
 Understand and be able to use Q-codes
 Discover how to put together and decipher QSOs

The Introduction to Morse Code Diploma Course has been designed for complete beginners – taking you from your first dot to everyday speech with plenty more about the subject in between. Whether it’s curiosity or the wish to learn this essential, and possibly even lifesaving, skill, this course will provide you with the knowledge you need to start using Morse code. 
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