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Intermediate Italian Diploma Course

Intermediate Italian Diploma Course

Advance in your Italian language learning journey.

The Intermediate Italian Diploma Course provides 10 modules, all accompanied by an audio version of the module. Each module includes an introduction, core content, reading texts, recap exercises, and a brief assessment at the end – all designed to aid your comprehension and consolidate your learning.

If you've studied our Italian for Beginners Diploma Course or already know the basics of the language and its main grammar rules, this is your next step to enhance and improve your knowledge of Italian.

You’ll advance your understanding of the syntactic and grammatical rules of the Italian language, so that you may use them to express yourself more accurately, understand more complex concepts, and improve your comprehension and communication skills.

Both enjoyable and practical, the Intermediate Italian Diploma Course uses thematic topics, supported by images to help facilitate comprehension. Both vocabulary and grammar structures are introduced with tables, dialogues or texts (provided in Italian and English) that refer to actual everyday situations.

You’ll deepen your Italian grammar use through the study and incorporation of additional moods and tenses. Moreover, you’ll expand your vocabulary and improve your communication skills, learn how to make phone calls and write text messages. Last, but not least, you’ll practice having conversations, learn how to express doubts, hypotheses and opinions, and also how to politely express disapproval.

By studying this course, you will: 

 Develop an intermediate level of Italian language proficiency
 Advance your understanding of syntactic and grammatical rules
 Improve your comprehension and communication skills
 Learn more about moods and tenses
 Be more able to express yourself and hold deeper conversations
Improve your writing skills

Designed to advance the skills and knowledge gained from our Italian for Beginners Diploma Course, or elsewhere, this course will help you to progress your Italian language development up to an intermediate level and prepare you to move on to an advanced-level course, should you wish to.

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