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Wellbeing for Kids Course

Wellbeing for Kids Course

Children often don’t have much control over their lives, but cultivating a strong and stable mindset can help them navigate the things that life throws at them. The good news is that this can be learned and it’s never too early to start!

This course will help children build and develop good habits that will support their wellbeing. Working as a kind of wellbeing toolkit, children will build skills in reflection, mindfulness, meditation, creative expression and more. These tools will then carry through into their lives, as they learn to live in the moment, be grateful for the things they have, set goals for themselves, see problems as challenges, and approach life with confidence and capability.

The highly-practical Wellbeing for Kids Course begins by encouraging children to keep a wellness journal and use this for reflection as they continue on to explore creative, physical and focused techniques for building resilience, calm, and contentment.

Each module is filled with practical activities, interesting facts and journaling prompts, laying the foundations for building stronger, more resilient mental health, and informing children on how a balance of sleep, activity and diet can nurture a happy, healthy life.

As a practical course, along with participating in talking-based exercises and guided meditations, you will also need access to arts and crafts materials, such as paints or felt-tipped pens, paper and items commonly used for scrapbooking and journaling, such as stickers. All the fun stuff!

By studying this course, children will learn:

✔ Understand what wellbeing is and the importance of good mental health
✔ Practice using a journal to reflect on their experiences
✔ Learn how to practice mindfulness and meditation
✔ Become familiar with ways to improve confidence, be more grateful, understand themselves better, and nurture positive and growth mindsets
✔ Understand how physical health can improve mental health
✔ Know how to set goals and the benefits of doing so
✔ Enjoy practical exercises that will aid understanding
✔ Take fun quiz assessments
✔ Receive a certificate upon completion

Healthy habits start young, and building an awareness of the need to take care of our mental health from an early age can help children to become happy adults.

The Wellbeing for Kids Course will benefit children aged between 7 and 12 who would benefit from considering their wellbeing as a practice in harmony with physical activity, good sleep hygiene and a healthy diet, in order to build the pillars of a positive approach to life.

Children who would like to channel creative activity and energy into wellbeing will enjoy the creative activities, and children who need to find calm will enjoy the more peaceful activities! The improved focus and mindfulness that can be found by practising techniques found in the course can also help children with study in other areas, too, as they find they are more able to concentrate in class.

Parents, guardians and carers are invited into some of the activities, and this can also provide a lovely way to explore happiness and connect with the child in your care.

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