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The Renaissance Diploma Course

The Renaissance Diploma Course

A cultural and intellectual movement that had a profound effect on the history of Europe and by extension, the world, The Renaissance followed the Middle Ages and, in many respects, was a response to so much of what had happened during that dark period.

In the Renaissance Diploma Course, you will be introduced to the innovations, inventions, transformations, new ways of thinking, working and producing culture that formed the basis of the Renaissance. You’ll also discover the influential individuals of the time and their contributions to this extraordinary period of history.

This course provides a comprehensive exploration of the leading figures of the Renaissance, including Petrarch, the Father of Humanism; Leonardo da Vinci, the ideal ‘Renaissance Man’; the Medici family, without whom Renaissance art would not have flourished to the extent that it did; Copernicus and Galileo, two men who changed our view of the universe – literally! William Shakespeare and Christine de Pizan, writers who transformed literature, and Filippo Brunelleschi, the man who made the impossible possible in architecture.

You’ll discover what sparked the Renaissance, how it was nurtured, and the numerous ideas, inventions and ways of living that it helped to usher in – with the most essential of these ideas being Humanism. You’ll also explore the ways in which culture benefited from the Renaissance – art, architecture, literature, trade, exploration, politics, science and religion.

By studying this course, you will learn: 

✔ Understand what caused the Renaissance, the effect it had on European history and the world, and the legacy it left
✔ Become more familiar with Humanism and its relationship to the Renaissance
✔ Know who the major figures of the Renaissance
✔ Understand how art, literature and music all changed during the Renaissance
✔ Know what scientific discoveries were made during this era
✔ Understand the impact trade and commerce had on the economy

This course is for anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding and appreciation of why the Renaissance is one of the most unique and significant parts of European history. You’ll learn why it was an astonishing time of creativity, intellectual curiosity, and innovation in all forms of art and discover the significant and influential scholars, scientists, authors and artists who came out of this period.

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