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Physics Diploma Course

Diploma in Physics

Physics shares a fundamental understanding of how the world around us works, from the natural to the technological. It helps us to consider deeply and think critically, to satisfy our curious minds and explore the extraordinary explanations of that, which to others, may seem every day. This course is your gateway to understanding why things are the way they are.

Beginning with the fundamentals, the Physics Diploma Course explains measurable quantities and how to mathematically and graphically understand that which we encounter every day, along with Newton’s laws of motion, linear momentum, and force. You’ll also be introduced to the concepts of work, energy, power, stress and strain.

We’ll look at the varying types, properties, and effects of wave motion, the fundamentals of electricity, including conductivity and electrical circuits, and rotational motion, with explanations on angular displacement and velocity, angle measurement, and uniform circular motion.

The course examines temperature, heat, thermal equilibrium and energy, the kinetic theory of gases and internal energy, including how it relates to kinetic and potential energy, and the oscillatory motion, known as simple harmonic motion.

We’ll explore electric fields, electrical potential energy and capacitance, how magnetic fields are produced, and alternating voltage sources. We’ll also get to grips with the basics of quantum, nuclear, and medical physics, and take a look at astronomy and cosmology.

By studying this course, you will:

✔ Advance your physics knowledge
✔ Learn about physical quantities and units, kinematics, force, work, energy, power, waves, superposition, gravitational fields, ideal gases, and thermodynamics
✔ Gain a better understanding of electricity, D.C. circuits, capacitance, magnetism, and alternating current
✔ Become familiar with quantum, nuclear, and medical physics and astronomy

If you have a good foundational knowledge of physics, the Physics Diploma Course will help you to advance your understanding and possibly going on to further study. It’s also an engaging course for those who are curious about the world and want a greater understanding of how things work.

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