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Oceanography Diploma Course

Top Oceanography Courses

Dive into the oceans and understand them on a deeper level than ever before! The Oceanography Diploma Course introduces you to the four major marines sciences. You’ll learn geological, physical, chemical, and biological concepts and how the relationships and interactions between them describe and explain the makeup of the world’s oceans.

Through studying the Oceanography Diploma Course, you’ll explore the origin, formation and continuing development of the Earth and its oceans, and gain an understanding of how this knowledge underpins other areas of oceanography.

We’ll examine the basic physical components of ocean interactions, how Newton’s Laws and acceleration forces collaborate in fluid motion dynamics and oceanic systems, how physical energy budgets describe the structure and circulation of the atmosphere and the types of currents and fluid transport mechanisms that are unique to the oceans.

The course covers the composition of the oceans - explaining how seawater density, salinity, and nutrient systems interact with thermodynamics and atmospheric composition. You’ll also learn about dissolved components of seawater and how they have changed over time.

We’ll also explore the biological processes and organisms of the oceans. You'll learn about biological indexes and how organisms are classified by size, demographic, and biological adaptations. You’ll also gain insight into fishery effects on ocean biota and the future of ocean habitats.

In this course, you will learn:

✔ Geological Oceanography
✔ Physical Oceanography
✔ Chemical Oceanography
✔ Biological Oceanography

The perfect introduction to the marine sciences, and the ideal complement to a Marine Biology Course, the Oceanography Diploma Course will benefit you if you are unfamiliar with the subject and would like to better understand the world’s oceans or if you are considering a career in this field and are looking for a starting point.

If you are considering a career in this area, this course can offer you information on the main aspects of marine science, an idea of the background knowledge used in an average day as a marine scientist and exploration of some of the subject’s more complex concepts. You’ll learn about many areas of ocean science, which may influence the courses and materials you choose to explore next with either advanced study or recognised qualifications.

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