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Mycology Diploma Course

Online Mycology Course

With over 144,000 species of fungi living in any environment where there are organic substances, water, air and a suitable temperature, their study is no small subject.

The Mycology Diploma Course provides a comprehensive introduction to the study of fungi – their biology, biochemical properties and genetics, as well as their interactions with human beings and the ways in which they can contribute to our health and produce diseases.

The course begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of mycology, its main subfields, the main roles of mycologists, and how mycology relates to other areas.

The course will talk you through the classification of the main four divisions of fungi. We’ll explore the characteristics of microscopic fungi and the groups of macroscopic fungi – looking at their morphology, distribution, roles, and symbiotic relationships with other organisms. We’ll also look at how both microscopic and macroscopic fungi reproduce and grow in nature, as well as the methods and equipment used to grow fungi in a laboratory.

We’ll take an in-depth look at the role of fungi in various areas: medicine, environment, and industrial. We’ll also consider recent advancements in mycology and the most useful and practical applications of fungi.

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Gain an understanding of mycology and the role of mycologists
✔ Become familiar with the classifications of fungi
✔ Learn about microscopic and macroscopic fungi
✔ Discover the various roles and applications of fungi

The Fungi Kingdom is larger than you may expect and the work of a mycologist, more varied. The Mycology Diploma Course will give you insight into this world, whether you intend to take your studies further or would simply like to better understand the unique life forms that inhabit the natural world.

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