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Korean for Beginners Diploma Course

Korean for Beginners Diploma Course

Your gateway to the dynamic culture of Korea, this course will give you a good basic knowledge of the Korean language. With grammar and practical phrases that will enable you to participate in real, beginner-level conversations, the Korean for Beginners Diploma Course provides concrete explanations with useful examples to ensure comprehension.

Additionally, each of the course’s 10 modules is accompanied by a downloadable audio version and concludes with a multiple-choice assessment designed to test your retention of the language.

Learn how to greet people in formal and informal situations, ask questions about objects and people using demonstrative and personal pronouns, engage in conversation about hobbies, order food and explain your dietary preferences, describe places and the location of objects and people, and express your opinion – both positive and negative.

We’ll discuss the two numbering systems of the Korean language, Sino and Original – exploring how each is used and the logic behind them. You’ll learn how to use numbers and associated language when shopping, and describe time and location with proper particles so that you can explain your daily routine. Furthermore, we’ll touch on how to use the future tense to make plans with your friends and colleagues.

This course: 

 Includes a downloadable audio version of each module
 Provides simple explanations, useful examples and effective activities
 Ensures understanding with assessment questions
 Helps you learn to read and write basic Korean
Aids you in becoming capable of engaging in simple Korean conversation

Designed to introduce learners to the language, no previous knowledge is required to take the Korean for Beginners Diploma Course. Also, those who have learned a little Korean, but have found themselves stuck or wishing to improve, will find the course beneficial.

Successful completion of the course will provide you a strong grasp of the basic structure, grammar and vocabulary of the Korean language and arm you with practical phrases that you can use in real-world conversations and which you can build upon with further study and practice.

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