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Introduction to Pharmacology Diploma Course

Introduction to Pharmacology Course

How often have you had an ache or pain and reached for some paracetamol or visited the doctor and been prescribed some form of medication? We take this medication and hopefully our ailment subsides or alleviates the effects of our condition, but we are often guilty of not considering just how much goes into that little pill or liquid and how it does its job so effectively.

For those new to the subject, this introductory course provides fascinating insight into the field of pharmacology. You’ll learn about this science of drugs and their effect on living systems, including how pharmacology came about and is governed, how drugs are introduced into the body and how they work, and the specifics of how they manage common diseases of the body.

Discover the basics concepts and importance of pharmacology and the principles and governing bodies that help to ensure that it is safe. You’ll learn about the different ways drugs are administered, how they interact with the body, the pharmacokinetics of drugs, how drug measurement is calculated to ensure safe administration, and drugs’ mechanisms of action on the body’s various receptors.

We’ll explore common infectious and inflammatory diseases, common diseases of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems, and the drugs used in their management – with a module designated to each area.

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Be familiar with the governing bodies of pharmacology
✔ Understand how drugs are administered and measured for use 
✔ Understand how drugs work within the body
✔ Learn about common issues of the body and how they can be managed with pharmaceuticals

You could be considering pursuing an education in medicine and would like some insight into the field before committing to higher education. You could simply be curious about how pharmaceuticals work. Either way, this course provides a good introduction to the basics of pharmacology and requires no previous knowledge to get started.

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