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Introduction to Ornithology Diploma Course

Introduction to Ornithology

Beautiful, inspiring, fascinating – the difference between species of birds can be subtle or extreme but they are always interesting. You could see several species just looking through your window but if you want to move from birdwatcher to birder, twitcher or even ornithologist one day, this course is for you.

The Introduction to Ornithology Diploma Course is a gentle introduction to avian anatomy, behaviour and migrations and will help you understand how to identify different birds. So, pick up your binoculars, field guide, notebook, and camera and let’s get going.

The course begins with a light introduction to the subject, exploring what ornithology is, the equipment you need to study birds and what ornithology looks like as a career.

From there, we dive right into the anatomy and physiology of birds, from the head and beak to the main body, wings, tail, legs and feet. You’ll be introduced to avian skeletal and muscular systems as well as flight, the process of flapping, and flightless birds.

We’ll look at the different types of birds, how they are classified and how birds have evolved. The course also explores the life cycles of birds, including nest building, incubation and brooding.

You’ll get to know birds, with explanations on feathers, birdsong, their social lives and groupings, and migratory behaviours. We’ll also consider the current threats to bird populations and how ornithology is aiding conservation efforts.

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Become familiar with the anatomy and physiology of birds
✔ Understand flight, the process of flapping and flightless bird
✔ Explores the life cycles of birds
✔ Examine bird feathers, communication, social lives and groupings, and migratory behaviours
✔ Learn about threats to birds and the role of ornithology in their conservation

If you have done a little birdwatching (even just watching the birds in your garden) and you’d like to gain more knowledge, this course will introduce you to relevant topics in a way that is scientific but also easy to understand for beginners.

You don’t need any prior scientific education as everything is broken down into plain language. This course can also give you foundational knowledge if you wish to progress onto formal qualifications.

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