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Introduction to Hurricanes Diploma Course

Introduction to Hurricanes Diploma Course

A form of tropical cyclone existing in all large ocean basins and both hemispheres of Earth, hurricanes are truly a force of nature. This course is your guide to the complex nature and development of hurricanes, their extremely destructive capabilities, and the importance of their study.

You will learn about many of the complexities associated with hurricanes, and the internal components and developmental processes belonging to these extreme environmental events. We’ll also examine the basic components and smaller interactions that occur between Earth’s systems each day that contribute to the formation of these larger systems.

We’ll explore concepts of physics, oceanic interactions, atmospheric circulation, and other concepts about the generation of large cyclonic storms. We’ll also consider the work of meteorologists and their work to improve the ability to forecast, prepare impacted areas, and understand the development and complexities of storms so that we may better prepare and respond to their damaging effects.

We’ll also look at the continuing effects that climate change and global warming are having on the Earth’s surface and the changes that storms are experiencing as a result.

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Understand hurricane development, their basic structure and classification
✔ Explore the field of meteorology and how models are used to forecast hurricanes
✔ Understand the current and future effects of climate change
✔ Be familiar with the preparations, responses, and recovery efforts surrounding a hurricane event
✔ Discover a detailed catalogue of some of history's largest, costliest, and deadliest hurricanes

If you find climate change, oceanic interactions, atmospheric circulation, or extreme natural disasters interesting, then this course is for you. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the structural components, development process, and impacts of extreme environmental events.

This course will help you transition to further studies involving similar environmental interactions that create other cyclonic systems, such as tornadoes and blizzards.

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