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Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy Diploma Course

Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy Courses

With a delicate and deliberate touch, a craniosacral therapist ‘listens’ for the sounds and rhythms of cerebral fluid within the cranial region and, with skill and focus, manipulates it. This practice has circulatory, mental and physical health benefits.

The Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy Diploma Course explains the therapy’s history and core concepts, techniques used, infant applications, ethics, and how to become certified.

The course begins with an introduction to two key figures in craniosacral therapy, the concepts and ideas that underpin the practice and its benefits to the body and mind. We’ll take a look at the criticisms against and studies supporting craniosacral therapy and learn about the foundations, history and future of osteopathic therapy. We’ll also examine the key components of the craniosacral system, the function of cerebrospinal fluid, and the significance of the ‘Still Point’.

We’ll then look at the practice of craniosacral therapy, exploring how a session is conducted, the 10-step protocol used, how to evaluate the craniosacral rhythm and the concept of craniosacral ‘holds’. We’ll also consider its infant applications with a look at the nature of colic in infants, treatment of acid reflux symptoms in babies and how craniosacral therapy can relieve some of the issues that may be created during assisted birthing methods.

The Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy Diploma Course explains how to become certified and the code of ethics craniosacral therapists adhere to. You’ll also follow several case studies, aiding your understanding of how this fascinating therapy can be used in real-world situations.

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Understand the core concepts and history of craniosacral therapy
✔ Learn the techniques used by craniosacral therapists
✔ Understand the importance of craniosacral therapy for infants
✔ Learn how to become certified and the ethics craniosacral therapists adhere to

If you’re considering a career as a craniosacral therapist and would like to get an understanding of the basics before committing to a full qualification, this course is for you.

You’ll learn about the techniques used in craniosacral therapy and discover its history, theories, and core concepts – solidifying your knowledge of the foundations of the therapy and instilling the confidence you may need to explore this path further.

Please Note: All the techniques covered in this course require further practical training with a qualified craniosacral therapist. This course is intended as an introduction to the theory of craniosacral therapy only, to help you decide whether you wish to pursue a qualification in this field.

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