Herbal Hydrosols Diploma Course
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Herbal Hydrosols Diploma Course

Herbal Hydrosols Diploma Course

Essential oils have undeniably been the star of the show within the field of aromatherapy but their ‘sister’ ingredient, the hydrosol, has plenty to offer too. These gentle, healing waters are now enjoying an explosion of research and use by forward-thinking aromatherapists and herbalists.

The Herbal Hydrosols Diploma Course offers extensive information about hydrosols and their use, covering their make-up, therapeutic properties, safe usage, monographs, skincare formulations, and use in managing symptoms and addressing health issues.

Beginning with an introduction to hydrosols, you’ll learn what they are through the extraction process, their chemistry and therapeutic profiles. In doing so, you will discover their similarities and differences to essential oils and herbal remedies.

You’ll discover how to confidently and safely use these ingredients, topically and internally, as you follow the guidance provided and options explored in the course. You’ll gain a good understanding of the diversity of hydrosols and the breadth of their therapeutic scope by way of the many hydrosol monographs included within the course.

You’ll learn how to choose hydrosols based on their therapeutic actions and how to use them to make high-quality skincare products that utilise both their therapeutic and aromatic qualities. You’ll also receive guidance in using hydrosols to manage symptoms and address health issues holistically – using both internal and topical hydrosol remedies.

By studying this course, you will learn: 

✔ Gain a deep understanding of hydrosols
✔ Explore the therapeutic properties and safe use of hydrosols
✔ Review dozens of hydrosol monographs
✔ Learn how to formulate skincare products
✔ Understand the use of hydrosols  to manage symptoms and address health issues

The Herbal Hydrosols Diploma Course will be of interest to you if you have previously studied essential oils or herbal remedies or are interested in formulating holistic skincare products.

The course will also be beneficial if you are a working aromatherapist, herbalist or skincare formulator, as you will learn a great deal about hydrosols and how you can incorporate them into your work.

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