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Ecology Diploma Course

Ecology course

Exploring the relationships between organisms and the Earth’s environment, the exciting field of ecology incorporates many branches of science. This course is designed to provide a well-rounded introduction to the field – explaining a range of complex concepts involving environmental knowledge, biological processes, evolution and ecological relationships.

From Greek philosophers and early science to advanced concepts including evolution and adaptation, the Ecology Diploma Course takes you through the history of the subject.

We'll explore the diversity of Earth's environments and the types of organisms that establish themselves in each, along with the environmental controls that regulate climate.

The course goes on to discuss the individual relationships and interactions that occur between organisms within populations and communities. We'll look at the evolutionary adaptations animals and plants have developed to survive, population mechanisms, and community development and structure, including predator-prey dynamics. You'll also be guided through the Earth's biogeochemical cycles and trophic level interactions.

The Ecology Diploma Course concludes with an explanation of climate change and its impact, the anthropogenic factors influencing climate change, and a look at the national parks and marine conservation initiatives.

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Understand the field of ecology
✔ Learn about Earth’s environments and climates
✔ Explore the relationships between organisms and their environments, and within populations and communities
✔ Learn about the evolutionary adaptations of plants and animals
✔ Discover Earth's biogeochemical cycles and trophic level interactions
✔ Gain an understanding of climate change and the influence of anthropogenic factors

Welcome home! The Ecology Diploma Course is designed for anyone who wishes to really understand the environments and inhabitants of Earth.

An introduction to the field of ecology, this course requires no prerequisite knowledge – just an eager and curious mind.

The course will form a good foundation for further studies in this fascinating area of the Earth sciences.

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