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Conservation Diploma Course

Diploma in Conservation

In the modern world, conservation is more important than ever. Charged with the preservation, maintenance, and safeguarding of animals, plants and natural habitats, it is conservation that will ensure that there is a tomorrow and it is one of biodiversity and a healthy, functional ecosystem.

Through studying the Conservation Diploma Course, you’ll learn the fundamentals and importance of conservation, biodiversity and the ecosystem, conservation biology, the challenges conservationists face, land management, environmental law, how conservation is practised, global conservation efforts, and how you can get involved.

The course begins with a look at what conservation is and the history and development of this important field. You'll delve into the fundamentals of conservation, including human activity and its impact on the natural environment, and the importance of nature conservation.

The course explores biodiversity and ecosystem health - natural services, species co-dependency, and community ecology and conservation. We’ll look into conservation biology, and how it can be done in a practical sense, and discover protected areas such as national parks, botanical gardens, wildlife sanctuaries and zoos, and take a look at how the conservation of populations and genetic diversity is achieved. We’ll also take a look at the challenges faced by conservationists, such as habitat loss and environmental degradation, poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, the health of the oceans’ ecosystems, and more.

You’ll learn about urban and rural land management and environmental law - with the course covering significant dates and key case studies.

You’ll become familiar with conservation in practice, including scientific perspectives, conservation success stories, and the lessons we can learn from failed conservation efforts. You’ll also learn about conservation around the world, as we look at the UK, US, India, Botswana, New Zealand, Brazil and Antarctica.

The course concludes with an exploration of how you can aid conservation efforts - by making small lifestyle choices or becoming more actively involved.

The Conservation Diploma Course will give you a greater understanding of the natural world and the pressures put upon it by human activity and population growth. If you are interested in animals, plants, and biodiversity in general, and would like to know what is and can be done to preserve nature, this course will provide the information you need.

Should you wish to become more involved in conservation, the knowledge acquired by studying this course will help in guiding you towards the next step in your journey  - whether that is making small changes to your lifestyle or bigger changes, such as volunteering, undertaking advanced study or even pursuing a career within conservation.

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