Antiquing Diploma Course
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Antiquing Diploma Course

Antiquing Diploma Course

Whether you’re new to the world of antiques or have some pre-existing knowledge, the fun, information-packed Antiquing Diploma Course provides a fascinating insight into the world of antiques. You’ll discover what antiques are and why they have value, the specifics of various types of antique furniture, ceramics, glass and other items, and how to identify, buy and sell antiques.

Introducing you to the course, we’ll consider what antiques are, what antiquing is and how to identify and select antiques. We’ll look at buying antiques online, at auction and elsewhere, and work out what prices you should buy at. We’ll also look at selling antiques online, at auction, in your own shop or a combination of these, and discuss how to build a client base and a brand.

 We’ll explore the various types of antiques out there. We’ll start by focusing on time periods and styles of furniture, moving on to the types, marks, and identification of antique ceramics, and how to identify antique glass and silver. We’ll also take a look at other types of antiques, such as coins, jewellery, clocks, rugs and more.

The course concludes with a look at forgeries, reproductions, caring for antiques and tips on how to start an antiques business.

By studying this course, you will learn: 

✔ Understand how to buy and sell antiques for profit
✔ Learn about antique furniture, including time periods and styles
✔ Learn about antique ceramics, glass, silver, and more
✔ Receive advice on how to spot forgeries, care for antiques and start an antiques business

New to antiquing, a hobbyist or looking to start your own antiques business? The Antiquing Diploma Course will provide you with an overview of the antiques that are out there – providing a springboard to continue your learning and specialise in a specific era or type of piece.

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