Anthropology Diploma Course
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Anthropology Diploma Course

Anthropology Diploma Course

At its most elementary level, anthropology is the study of human beings and the story of humankind – making it an incredibly broad subject, encompassing many major disciplines. This course will guide you through the fundamentals.

The Anthropology Diploma Course is designed to equip you with the tools necessary to delve deeply into the world of anthropology. You’ll become familiar with some of the most important anthropological concepts that have been developed over the last century and explore a wide range of anthropological themes, ranging from human evolution to gender identity.

As well as appreciating the broad trends in the development of the discipline of anthropology over the years, you will also encounter dozens of case studies taken from the ethnographic reports of researchers who have lived with various tribes and indigenous cultures around the world.

The course will encourage you to be adventurous, inquisitive and proactive in your study. To constantly ask yourself how certain key concepts relate to your own experience of life in your unique cultural setting.

By studying this course, you will learn: 

✔ Learn about the history of human evolution
✔ Become familiar with the basics of linguistic anthropology
✔ Gain insight into the ways in which humans interact with their bodies
✔ Examine the relationships that define us as social creatures
✔ Be introduced to the complex issues of group and individual identities
✔ Explore the social functions performed by commonly-held beliefs in the supernatural world
✔ Tackle the fascinating subject of mythology and its relation to the structure of human society
✔ Become familiar with the varying behaviours exhibited during rituals
✔ Look in detail at the subject of gender in the field of anthropology
✔ Gain an introduction into the world of ethnomusicology

The Anthropology Diploma Course is suitable for anyone seeking a broad introduction to the deep world of anthropology – providing a digestible and graded view of the fundamental themes of the discipline, ranging from the simple to the complex.

For the complete beginner, it will function as a step-by-step guide through the most important concepts you need to understand. For those who have a basic knowledge of history, linguistics, politics, religious studies or sociology, the course aims to provide a useful recap of some things you already know and an introduction to some concepts that may be new to you. Even for those with more than a beginner’s level of knowledge, this course will provide a useful opportunity to practice and review familiar concepts.

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