Advanced Shadow Mastery Diploma Course
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Advanced Shadow Mastery Diploma Course

Advanced Shadow Mastery Diploma Course

Discover how the shadow is perceived by religion, mythology, and culture. Further your knowledge of Jung’s concept of the shadow and his 12 primary archetypes. Understand the four cardinal orientations, the chakras association with the shadow, the system of the Enneagram, and how the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can assist with shadow work. Deepen your walk with your shadow with the Advanced Shadow Mastery Diploma Course.

The Advanced Shadow Mastery Diploma Course begins with a revisional look at what the shadow is, what shadow work is, the shadow work archetypes, and some shadow work techniques.

From there you’ll move on to uncover how the dark side of consciousness has been expressed throughout religion and mythology in the form of devils and demons, the cosmic balance of good and evil and duality. We explore how the balance of good and evil is perceived in various religions and mythologies and how these representations of the shadow relate to the psychological concept.

You will learn all about the power that the shadow can have and how it relates to an individual’s potential. You’ll explore the concept of the doorway to the self, the shadow’s involvement in the process, and the challenges required of the ego in order to progress with the integration of the shadow.

We explore Jungian archetypes - looking at the manifestations of the shadow side of each, in terms of behaviour and attitudes, and how to identify aspects of these within your psyche.

We dive into the nature of each of the four cardinal orientations, why each archetype is classified into its respective orientation, and how they can help us to better understand our core desires and motivations.

You'll learn about the common issues associated with the blockage of each chakra and the chakras that are associated with specific shadow archetypes.

We’ll look at the system of the Enneagram, the nine personality types and their shadow sides and the instinctual subtypes and how to work with them.

You'll also gain an understanding of the shadow through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). We’ll look at the MBTI model of personality types, the definition of the shadow based on MBTI theory and how this model can be used to assist with shadow work.

The Advanced Shadow Mastery Diploma Course is designed for those who have either taken our Shadow Mastery Diploma Course or have previous experience of shadow work.

Packed with theoretical and practical information, this course will help you to become more deeply acquainted with your shadow and equip you with all you need to take the next steps on your shadow work journey.

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