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Year 3 English Course

Grade 3 (Year 3) English Lessons

The Year 3 English Course provides your child with the tools they need to improve their confidence and capabilities in reading and writing, spelling and grammar. Each module is structured around fun and engaging topic areas and includes games, quizzes and riddles to help boost learning and comprehension of key concepts within English.

Building on the English curriculum in Year 3, your child will develop improved reading comprehension and learn about authors, books and interesting elements of science, geography and history. They’ll find out how to structure their writing like an author and develop sentences by adding more detail, improving their descriptive skills and understanding more about word types and their uses.

The spelling activities will boost their confidence in identifying the correct patterns for spelling rules and widen vocabulary use in their writing. It will help them to spot mistakes and correct their spelling through games and activities that build their confidence.

By studying this course, your child will learn:

✔ Improve their reading ability
✔ Learn about the structure of non-fiction texts
✔ Develop their grammatical understanding of nouns and plurals
✔ Consider how different forms of sentences are written
✔ Improve their use of nouns
✔ Become familiar with varying sentence types and punctuation
✔ Build on punctuation use with commas in lists
✔ Discover interesting topics within history, geography, science, and fiction

The Year 3 English Course is tailored to complement the Year 3 English United Kingdom (UK) National Curriculum. It is produced in line with the program of study for Year 3 objectives in reading, writing, spelling and grammar.

The course will aid children who are undertaking Year 3 English and would like to gain a better comprehension of the concepts covered at this level and those who may need additional practice outside of the classroom environment.

This course has also been designed for those looking to home educate their children and to make learning at home fun!

Year 3 English

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