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World War I Diploma Course

World War I

The War to End All Wars’, the First World War’s battles were so bitter and bloody, its casualties so numerous, that nobody thought another global conflict could ever happen. How did it come about? How had the great powers-that-be let it happen and why was it such an ugly conflict?

Set across 11 modules and 4 videos, these questions and many others are answered in the World War I Diploma Course.

We’ll consider the causes of World War I, from militarism and alliances to German nationalism and the growth of Pan-Slavism. We’ll look at the war’s main battlefields on the Western Front, important battles of the Eastern Front, the events of the Russian Revolution, the reasons the US attempted to stay out of the conflict and why they entered it, and some of the main theatres—and battles—of naval war.

We’ll examine how WWI was fought. We’ll explore the mass mobilisation of armies, vast production of war resources, and development of new weapons and military vehicles. You’ll learn about trench warfare – how it came about, how they were built and what life was like in the trenches. We’ll also consider the power of wartime propaganda and how the war changed the lives of women.

We’ll look at the final battles of the Great War, how it came to an end, and what followed the Armistice. We’ll also reflect on the various ways WWI changed or influenced the post-war world.

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Gain greater insight into how WWI started
✔ Become familiar with some of the major battles that occurred during the war
✔ Know where the Western Front and Eastern Fronts were and why they were important
✔ Understand how trench war developed
✔ Learn about the major military advances that occurred during the war
✔ Understand why America joined the conflict
✔ Learn how propaganda was used in the war
✔ Know how the war finally ended
✔ Become familiar with the various legacies of WWI

The World War I Diploma Course will help you to understand one of the most important events in modern history. A war originating in Europe, for overlapping and complex reasons, and consuming many other nations, lasting four long brutal years, and resulting in millions of lives lost.

This course will help you to understand how the conflict began and ended, how and where it was fought, and how it changed the world.

World War 1

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