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Vedic Astrology Diploma Course

Vedic Astrology Diploma Course

Through studying the Vedic Astrology Diploma Course you’ll learn about theories on the influences of various celestial bodies on human life. You’ll discover how to work with lunar mansions, planets, houses, signs and more, and how to interpret charts and make predictions. You’ll also be guided through the best practices to follow when running your own Vedic astrology sessions.

Before delving deeply into the practical aspects of the subject, the Vedic Astrology Diploma Course first talks you through the roots of Vedic astrology and its spiritual significance. You’ll explore its history and some of the main principles that underlie the practice, to give a proper comprehension of the topics that follow.

The zodiac of the Vedic astrological tradition has both similarities and differences with its Western counterpart, you’ll learn about these and the meaning behind various zodiac signs according to Vedic tradition.

Referred to by some as the "Lunar Zodiac", the 27 lunar mansions are frequently studied in Vedic astrology, with the lunar mansion that the Moon was in at the time of a person’s birth providing essential information about them. Through the course, you’ll explore what each of the 27 lunar mansions represents.

While "Grahas" translates as "planets", in Vedic astrology they represent a lot more than this. They are the instruments of God, or even manifestations of God itself, that work the laws of Karma into human life. The Vedic Astrology Diploma Course expands on this, explaining the energy of each planet and how these energies affect our lives. You’ll also explore the Vimshottari dasa timing system, which explores how planetary influences can shape the events of our lives throughout the years - predicting the timing of certain events in a person’s life; these can be either in the past, the present or the future.

Just as Vedic astrology is said to be able to tell us about events in our lives, it can also tell us much about our relationships. The Vedic Astrology Diploma Course explains how astrological information is used to analyse relationship compatibility and happiness. It can be used to explain which friends and partners we are attracted to, whether our relationships are harmonious or troubled, and why we get on with some people and not others.

A birth chart, known as a "Rashi" or "Rasi" chart, or a "Lagna" chart, shows the 12 rashis and the position of the planetary bodies in the rashis at the time of birth. You’ll discover what Vedic birth charts look like, as well as how to read and interpret them for yourself. You’ll also be introduced to other Vedic charts, with more information provided on the Hora, Drakkana, and Dwadashamsha charts in particular.

The course concludes by concretising your newly-acquired knowledge by guiding you through conducting your own Vedic astrology sessions and providing an in-depth case study of a birth chart interpretation - showing you the full process.

Vedic astrology is a vast subject, the study of which can take many years. The Vedic Astrology Diploma Course takes anyone who is interested in this practice, or astrology and Indian traditions in general, from absolute beginner to confidently running your own sessions with friends and family. It also lays a solid foundation of knowledge for anyone who wishes to seek out a Vedic master astrologer to take their studies further.

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