Shamanic Healing/Energy Healing Diploma Course
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Shamanic Healing/Energy Healing Diploma Course

Shamanic Healing/Energy Healing Diploma Course

The relationship between mind, body and soul is a dominating factor in our lives. In ancient times, it was believed that ailments, both physical and mental, were caused by damage to the soul and could be healed by spiritual rejuvenation, using methods such as shamanic healing.

Created as an introduction to the shamanic healing method, this course provides you with detailed information on the topic and guidance on starting your own practice – acting as a foundation to build upon.

This shamanic course begins by defining shamanism and shamanic healing – giving you a feeling for the practice by introducing you to the basics of the method. You’ll discover its history and origins, benefits, and comparisons with other healing methods, along with the ways in which this technique of spiritual healing can be applied in everyday life. It is here that the fundamentals are explained, to be explored further as you progress through the course.

From there you will move onto the specific details and implementation of the actual method – covering the technical details, such as the types of shamanic healings, the importance and significance of each method, and the types of shamans that exist. You’ll also learn how to become a shaman, what the pre-requisites are and how your beliefs will change once you begin this practice, as well as the tools required to start your practice.

As shamanic healing is all about the conjecture of the mind, body and soul, having a spiritual perspective is very important. The Shamanic Healing/Energy Healing Diploma Course provides a better understanding of the spiritual nature of the method and how to connect with the spiritual world. You’ll learn the techniques and skills needed to enable you to transcend into the spirit world, such as meditation and recording dreams, along with how shamanic healing is used in aiding the body, mind, and soul.

The course also includes shamanic training, like advanced tips, guidance and advice pertinent to beginning your journey to become a shaman and setting up your practice.

By the end of this course you will learn: 

Understand what shamanism is and who a shaman is
✔ Know what is required to become a shaman
✔ Have learnt techniques and methods of shamanic healing
✔ Understand the different types of shamanic healing
✔ Understand where to implement each of the types of shamanic healing
✔ Get to know the spiritual aspect of the practice
✔ Understand how shamanic healing can be used as a self-healing tool
✔ Understand the future prospects of becoming a shaman

Created for newcomers to shamanic healing, this course will be of interest to anyone who has, or wishes to develop, a deep understanding of spirituality and the abilities shamans have that allow them to aid us with our earthly aliments by transcending from their corporeal form to heal our very souls.

Completing the Shamanic Healing/Energy Healing Diploma Course will give you the foundational knowledge you need to start your journey into shamanism and give you a solid grounding for continued learning.

Shamanic Healing Course | Become a Shaman & Energy Healer

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