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Seismology Diploma Course

Seismology Diploma Course

When most of us are confronted with danger, our immediate reaction is to escape it. But what if that danger is the very ground you stand upon?

Even the smallest earthquake is but an indication of massive changes occurring tens of miles below us, of incredible stress building up and tectonic plates releasing a massive amount of stored potential energy. As the ground moves and buildings begin to sway and shake, structures fall and roads split, the destructive force of an earthquake is undeniable.

Take the Seismology Diploma Course and you will build a good understanding of the formation and structure of Earth and the oceans, which will help you to understand the tectonic processes that seismology deals with. You’ll be introduced to the concepts that describe the relationship and interactions between Earth’s structures and the seismic forces acting on them that result in seismic events.

The course introduces the subject by providing you with a geological understanding of seismology before moving on to the basic concepts that define earthquakes and seismic events. You’ll build on these concepts as you progress through the course, developing your comprehension of the advanced mechanisms and source analyses vital to understanding how seismologists are able to measure and observe seismic events.

Earthquakes are a global phenomenon with an extensive history of massive destruction and catastrophic damage. You’ll learn about the damaging and hazardous aspects associated with earthquakes and the work seismologists do to gain a better understanding of them, and to hopefully prevent, or at least minimise, damage from future events.

How to Become a Seismologist

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