Scrying Diploma Course
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Scrying Diploma Course

Fully Accredited Scrying Diploma Course

The Scrying Diploma Course teaches you how scrying works, the different tools used in its practice, and how to scry yourself.

The Scrying Diploma Course introduces you to the subject by explaining what scrying is and describes theories relating to how it works, including information about scientific studies.

Following this introduction, the course broadens your understanding of the subject with an account of scrying’s history, explaining how scrying has existed from ancient times and has been practised all over the world. There are examples of scrying experiences along with information about people who were renowned for scrying, plus a discussion about scrying in folklore and popular culture.

The most common scrying tools, the crystal ball and mirror, are addressed in detail, but there are many alternative tools, and you will also explore scrying with candles, water, fire, smoke, oil and clouds.

Following the step-by-step guide to scrying will help you to develop your scrying abilities, and you’ll become familiar with ways of preparing both your environment and yourself to achieve optimum results. The Scrying Diploma Course takes you through methods of enhancing your focus, concentration and visualisation skills with a selection of practical exercises.

You will be guided through what you can expect to see in your visions and how to interpret symbols and colours. You may wish to scry for friends and family, so there are tips on how to approach scrying for others.

The Scrying Diploma Course concludes by offering suggestions of aids for scrying, including using incense and herbal teas with recipes so you can make your own. In addition, you will discover how to create your own personal magical space.

The Scrying Diploma Course requires no previous knowledge and is suitable for absolute beginners who want to experiment with scrying. However, the course may be of particular interest to those who are seeking to develop their psychic abilities or incorporate a new tool into their practice.

Although there is plenty of information about scrying’s history and theories about how it works for those with a general interest in the subject, this is a practical course and guides you through the process of scrying with tips and exercises designed to enhance your skills and understanding.

Scrying Diploma Course

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