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Relaxation Therapy Diploma Course

Relaxation Therapy Diploma Course

Help people feel calm, rested, and free of tension. In a world of stress and anxiety, the role of a relaxation therapist is an important one and the Relaxation Therapy Diploma Course is here to provide you with the knowledge and techniques you need to provide clients with much-needed guidance, respite and healing.

The course opens with an exploration into how relaxation therapy works, its background and history, benefits and uses. We’ll also take a look at the role of the body systems involved in relaxation and how relaxation therapy works with them, along with the psychological theories employed in relaxation therapy.

We look at the antithesis of relaxation - stress. The course covers the different kinds of stress, foods that contribute to stress, the connection between hormones and stress, the difference between the stress response and relaxation response, and how to manage stress. This is followed by a discussion on relaxation, which includes the foods that can aid relaxation and how exercise and sleep can help.

With a solid foundation set, we move onto the benefits of relaxation therapy, the techniques applied, and the different classifications used. We’ll explore the process of relaxation therapy and how classification is used, treatments are chosen, and a relaxation therapy session structured, along with gaining insight into the factors that lead a person to seek relaxation therapy.

You’ll learn how to apply various relaxation therapy techniques, and how to choose the most appropriate technique for a client’s health concerns. We’ll look at how to set up and lead techniques in the following: meditation, deep breathing, guided imagery, pranayama and Qigong.

You’ll be guided through how a client should be treated and the ways in which you can make them feel respected. The course outlines what to consider when writing a code of conduct, health and safety policies, a code of ethics, and therapist responsibilities and how to treat clients with chronic and mental health conditions.

The course concludes with a look at case studies in which relaxation therapy was used to treat various ailments.

Ideal for those looking to take their first steps in holistic therapies or wishing to add to their current services, the Relaxation Therapy Diploma Course will help you to better understand stress, and the need for relaxation for both mental and physical health.

With its unique approach to the physical, mental, spiritual and recreational characteristics of relaxation, this form of therapy enables you to provide effective client care that caters to the needs of the individual.

Relaxation Therapy Diploma Course

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