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Psychotropic Plants Diploma Course

Psychotropic Plants Online Certificate Course

Welcome to the world of psychotropic plants – plants that can affect your mental state! Across the globe, there has been a long tradition of using such plants for fun, for spiritual purposes, for self-exploration, for healing and sometimes for nefarious purposes. There’s a colourful spectrum of psychoactive and psychotropic plants and in the Psychotropic Plants Diploma Course, you’ll get an opportunity to explore plants at both ends of this spectrum, from the sedatives to the potent hallucinogenics.

To set you off on your journey safely, the course begins by imparting a foundational knowledge of neurochemistry. You’ll look at the structure and function of the nervous system and the chemistry behind the plant’s actions. You’ll also look at how these chemicals alter your body – and how you alter them!

From there you’ll explore the native and naturalised plants of the UK, which have links to the world of witchcraft, before moving onto the fascinating Fungi Kingdom, and specifically the psychotropic fungi growing around the world. Your studies will take you from the British woodlands all the way back to ancient Mexico.

You’ll take in more geography with the course, as you discover how psychotropic plants are used in North America, Central and Southern America, and Africa. You’ll take a quick spin around the globe as you uncover further psychotropic plants, learning just how deeply ingrained some of these are in other cultures. You’ll also become – legally – better acquainted with one of the most well-known psychotropic plants, cannabis, and the debates regarding its use and legal status.

Psychotropic Plants Diploma Course will talk you through the ways psychotropic plants can be used to improve mental health and wellbeing. You’ll become familiar with the plants used to help depression, stress, anxiety and insomnia, and those that aid cognitive enhancement. You’ll also take a closer look at the popular class of plants known as adaptogens.

By the end of the course, you’ll feel a far greater connection to a class of plants that are often misunderstood and subject to bad press. Your studies will help you to appreciate how native tribes use them, and the skill involved with this use. You are reminded throughout the course about the safety issues surrounding mind-altering plants, and of their legal statuses.

Covering the subject step-by-step, the Psychotropic Plants Diploma Course can be enjoyed by anyone interested in the history, uses, and cultural significance of a class of plants that are too often dismissed as solely related to criminal activity.

Those who have studied the beneficial effects of herbs and plants on the body will also enjoy discovering this new take on their area of expertise.

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