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Namecheap | Buy a domain name | Register cheap domain

Namecheap: Buy a domain name - Register cheap domain

In this Namecheap review, you’ll find all the information about this cheap hosting provider and the services it offers. I have purchased a plan, and now I’m sharing my thoughts on Namecheap with you. I’ll talk about plans and prices, performance, security, and many other features I came across so that you know what to expect.

To be completely honest with you, I used Namecheap before (still do) but not for its hosting services. Namecheap is also one of the largest domain registrars on the market, and I’ve been purchasing my domains there for the longest time. However, I always went somewhere else for hosting services.

What is Namecheap? 

NameCheap was founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall, who is also the CEO of the company. It is an accredited ICANN domain registrar and technology company and it is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., according to the 2018 Inc. 5000. 

NameCheap has more than 10 million domains under management and it is among some of the top domain registers and web hosting providers in the world. It offers a full selection of both unique and popular domains as well as completely featured hosting packages, SSL security certifications, WhoIsGaurd Privacy protection, with some of the lowest prices available in the industry.

NameCheap’s goal and mission is to provide people with the opportunity to get the most up to date high quality domain and hosting products at competitive prices. The people working for NameCheap strive to provide the best support, service and security. They are dedicated to online privacy and security so they provide the tools and knowledge to keep you informed and your info safe.

Who is Namecheap Best For? 

Namecheap is best for you if you’re looking to get a hold of a number of domain names affordably or if you’re simply trying to find the best deal on your domain registration.

Keep in mind you’ll have to renew your domain registration periodically. This is true for any registrar you choose, and Namecheap has some of the best renewal rates in the industry.

If you want to buy a domain name and hosting all in one place at an affordable rate, Namecheap is excellent for that. It has plenty of hosting options to choose from. 

What is web hosting? 

Every website you’ve ever visited is hosted on a server. The main types of hosting are Shared, Dedicated, VPS, and Reseller. Web hosting is a service that provides resources for placing information on a server, which has constant access to the Internet. Nowadays, web hosting includes a whole range of site maintenance services such as a mail server, database management tools, DNS servers, etc., as well as support for the functioning of the corresponding services.

Types of Namecheap Hosting 

Shared Hosting
WordPress Hosting
Email Hosting
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Server
Reseller Plans

What is Shared Hosting? 

The main feature of Shared Hosting is where several users use the resources of the same physical server. Simply put, this means many websites run on one server at the same exact time. All users get, at their disposal, a respective part on the server disk to store their website resources. However, the computing resources on these servers are divided according to the number and load with periodic balancing. 

This means that each user gets only a part of the server's computing capabilities. In addition to disk space, users of Shared Hosting plans have access to all the necessary management tools and functions, such as monthly traffic reports, mail servers, FTP access, and account management systems.

Shared Hosting 

Shared hosting is a very common hosting option offered by hosting companies. It is the first choice you see on NameCheap’s site out of all of their hosting options. Shared hosting has several different plans. The first (and cheapest) plan is Stellar, the second is Stellar Plus and the third is Stellar Business. Stellar Plus is the most popular plan option among NameCheap’s users.

What is WordPress Hosting? 

Managed WordPress Hosting, like Namecheap’s EasyWP, is a product where the user does not have to deal with and/or handle all the technical support aspects related to a WordPress website. After purchasing this type of hosting and a domain name, you have a ready-to-use WordPress website. 

Managed WordPress solutions, like EasyWP, are often equipped with a convenient control panel. This allows users to manage their website, its backups, and user access. At the same time, control tools are created so that any client can easily access and use them.

All WordPress Hosting plans also come with handy features like 99.9 percent uptime, faster site load times, easy backups and restores, SFTP and database access, and easy WordPress installation.

If you are a WordPress user or would just like to host WordPress site, NameCheap does have an option for you. You can use WordPress hosting to host your website and you can start publishing in a very short time with Easy WP.

By having this choice as an option, WordPress users are able to have a managed environment without having significant associated costs. Since NameCheap uses Easy WP, it allows you to have a site up and running in as little as 30 seconds so if you are looking for something very quick and simple for WordPress hosting, NameCheap has it.

The Managed WP Hosting also deals with a lot of things revolving around the website for you.

What is VPS Hosting? 

VPS Hosting, like Shared Hosting, allows you to share the resources of one server among several users. But unlike Shared Hosting, a VPS gives each user a dedicated amount of computing resources (RAM and processor), a separate disk partition with its own file system, and a higher level of control over the server as a whole. 

All these components put VPS Hosting on another level in comparison with Shared Hosting. This brings its functionality closer to that of a Dedicated Server. At the same time, VPS Hosting provides the best balance between the price and available resources.

On NameCheap there are two different VPS plans to choose from. Each of them are fast, reliable and come with a website domain name.The first option is VPS Pulsar, which is the more popular plan between the two. There are options available for Softaculous, WHMCS, and cPanel. There are also: 2 GB of RAM, 2 CPU cores, 40 GB SSD RAID 10 and 1000 GB of bandwidth.

The second option is more expensive and it is called VPS Quasar. This plan comes with: 6 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, 120 GB SSD RAID 10 and 3000 GB bandwidth.

Though Namecheap doesn’t offer a ton of VPS hosting options, its two plans both include full root access and operating system (OS) selection, your choice of server management, top security standards, free transfers of existing websites, and, of course, a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with its service.

These are only a few of the dedicated server options Namecheap offers. They don’t stop there. If you want to take a look at all of its plans, you’ll want to spend some time on this dedicated server page, where you can personalize plans by the amount of CPU you need, your price range, RAM, and more. I love this feature because it means you can get specific with your dedicated hosting plan. 

Namecheap’s shared hosting plans are some of the most affordable out there. Especially if you take into account what you get beginning with its starter tier. At $1.58 a month, you can start hosting up to three websites with unmetered bandwidth and privacy protection.

You also get free automatic SSL installation, which can save you installation headaches. If you have experience with hosting providers, the process of successfully installing SSL certificates can sometimes be a real pain because of how clunky and confusing the process can be. 

If you’re going for affordable shared hosting, though, I’d recommend its shared cloud Stellar Business plan at $4.48 a month. Once you’re signed up, you’ll have access to:

Host unlimited websites
Automatic backups and cloud storage
A discounted .com domain name

Hands down, it’s the shared hosting plan that’ll get you the most bang for your buck, even when you compare it to competing shared hosting providers. 

What is Reseller Hosting? 

Reseller Hosting, in essence, allows the owner to trade the server resources that are directly allocated to them. When purchasing from a hosting provider like Namecheap, the client actually becomes the seller, aka "reseller" of these wholesale hosting services. The reseller ultimately sells these services to their clients/customers at a price of their choosing. They can then manage accounts, issue invoices, and monitor the use of these allocated resources to clients/customers.

Another hosting option of NameCheap is Reseller hosting. With this form of hosting, NameCheap offers three different plans to choose from. The first, and cheapest, plan is Nebula. Nebula provides you with a essential tools to get you started. it comes with: 25 resold accounts, 30 GB disk space, unmetered GB bandwidth, and free cPanel/WHM.

The second choice which is also the most popular plan is the Galaxy Expert. With this plan you get the same things as the Nebula but you will have a unlimited amount of resold accounts and instead of 30 GB disk space you will get 90 GB.

And lastly there is the Universe Pro. This will provide you with: unlimited resold accounts, 150 GB disk space, unmetered GB bandwidth and free cPanel/WHM as well as WHMCS starter.

What is Email Hosting? 

Most hosting providers offer a free email server as part of their hosting plan. Often, such mail should be configured by the user through a control panel like cPanel. Moreover, such mail servers have very limited functionality and do not imply technical support from the hosting provider side. Namecheap’s Private Email Hosting is free from these disadvantages. Here you receive a premium, flexible cloud-based web interface with all the modern tools needed to manage your personal and professional communication. All Private Email users can take advantage of the two-month trial for free.

All Namecheap email plans include custom domain-based email, anti-spam protection, Safe access with 2FA, Unified Inbox, POP3/IMAP/Webmail access, and HTML signatures.

Like any other name registrar on the market, there are pros and cons to Namecheap’s offers, and how important they highly depend on what you’re specifically looking for. 


✔ Easy to use: Namecheap has an easy user interface where you can purchase what you’re looking for relatively fast without confusing hoops to jump through. If tech isn’t your area of expertise, this is a great plus. 

✔ Free domain privacy: One of the best features of Namecheap is its forever free domain privacy. Other options like GoDaddy offer domain privacy for an extra fee and an add-on you have to continue to renew every so often if you want to keep it. 

✔ Free migration: Namecheap helps you move your WordPress website to its hosting services for free within 24 hours. All you have to do is fill in and submit a request with a few of your site’s details.

✔ Affordable all around: Namecheap differentiates itself in price, which is great for beginner sites that want to get their start without burning through too much of their budget. 

✔ Updates to TLDs: Namecheap continually updates its list of top-level extensions so you can be sure you can always take your pick from extensions you might be interested in other than the popular .com. 

✔ Free apps: Namecheap offers site-building apps that are both free and paid you can use for the success of your site, including logo building apps, site speed optimization, and even apps that help you with forming a proper LLC.

✔ Great support: Namecheap offers live chat or a support ticket option if you run into site trouble and need someone to walk you through any troubleshooting you might need. 

✔ Guides and videos: If you’re stuck and are a DIYer, Namecheap offers plenty of how-to guides and videos, along with an extensive and detailed knowledge base. 

✔ Easy domain transfer: Want to transfer your domain to Namecheap? You can easily do it by submitting a ticket with all the necessary details. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to six business days. 


✔ Downtime issues: Namecheap provides site uptime monitoring that checks for problems every five minutes and then logs your site’s performance on your personal dashboard. However, some users have had problems with cases of downtime, despite other periods in the 99% uptime range.

✔ Renewal rates: If you have experience with domain registrars, you’re probably familiar with the fact that most of them include higher renewal rates after your initial domain registration period is over. In this area, Namecheap is better than most, but it’s still something to be aware of. 

✔ Domain transfer fees: While it’s easy to transfer your domain registration over to Namecheap, it does charge a fee that can vary depending on if you have a coupon code for a discount. 

Namecheap Pricing 

It’s easy to see Namecheap differentiates itself in pricing. It is constantly one of the most affordable ways to meet your web hosting and domain needs. 

Namecheap Pricing

The Best Domain Registrars 

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Affordable and easy with a side of security and privacy protection is the name of the game for Namecheap. It offers unbeatable domain name prices and even competitive renewal rates once your registration period is over. This is what makes it a favorite in my list of top picks for best domain registrars.

Ready to get everything Namecheap has to offer? Get started here!

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