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Moon Magic Diploma Course

Moon Magic Diploma Course | Learn Moonology Online

The Moon is much more than a light in the sky. It is filled with mystery and magic, and its cycles are important when it comes to magical rituals, with each phase of the Moon creating its own, special kind of energy. This energy affects you and everything on Earth. Working with the phases of the Moon, you can harness its power and use its energy to better your life. The Moon Magic Diploma Course shows you how.

Through studying the Moon Magic Diploma Course, you'll become familiar with the phases of the Moon, what each means, how they impact us, and the practices relevant to each.

From The Wolf Moon and the Pink Moon to the Hunters Moon and the Cold Moon – you’ll get to know the names bestowed on the Full Moon as it changes throughout the year and the cultural significance of each of these. You’ll also uncover ancient beliefs and myths about the Moon and learn how lunar events work.

As your knowledge of the Moon grows, so too will your wish to embrace its power. The Moon Magic Diploma Course guides you through the history of magic and how the magical arts really work, what constitutes a spell or ritual, how to harness the power of the Moon, how to perform a ‘Drawing Down the Moon’ practice, and how to create your own moon rituals.

Meditation is an incredible tool for self-development. It helps you to live more peacefully and develop mental flexibility and strength, as well as enrich your spiritual powers and manifestation capabilities. You’ll learn the benefits of meditation and how to develop a basic practice before moving on to learning how to meditate with the Moon and its phases. You’ll also learn why smudging should be a part of your Moon Magic practices and how to do it.

The Moon Magic Diploma Course shows you how to harness the power of the Moon most effectively, by partaking in practices related to each phase – New, Waxing, Waning, and Full. You’ll set powerful intentions and learn rituals, mantras, affirmations, and manifestation techniques, along with specific practices to be done during the day and those to be performed at night.

The course concludes by guiding you through using the power of the Moon in your daily life to reach your goals and fulfil your dreams and desires. You’ll also learn how to heal with the Moon and the various crystals that can be used within each lunar phase.

The lunar cycle has a huge effect on our lives, yet many of us aren’t even aware of this, never mind actively seeking out how we can use this power to achieve what we want from life. The Moon Magic Diploma Course is your guide to taking control of your life by harnessing the power of the Moon’s phases. Take this course to enrich, empower and improve your life, whilst gaining the peace, serenity, and purpose that working with the magic of the Moon provides.

Whether you are a Wiccan or a Pagan, practice witchcraft or just want to understand how this great celestial body can help you to fulfil your desires, this course will guide you through a practice that can enrich and empower every aspect of your life.

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